Whisper Plant

Whisper Plant is a highly-addictive psychotic drug in the form of a blue leaf. It is typically ground up and swallowed orally, though it may also be snorted. It is sold on the black market in some countries, as it is an illegal drug.

Whisper Plant
Other names Шепот (Shepot; Russian)
Смеется (Smeyetsya; Russian, кличка)
Whisper Leaf
ウィスパー・プラント (Uisupā Puranto; Japanese)
囁き葉 (Sasayaki Ha; Japanese, 別名)
Crimson Cove Sample # 349
Crimson Cove Staff in Charge Dr. J. Faucheux
Risk Codes R10, R48/22, R33, R39, R52, R56, R67, R68/22
Safety Codes S1/2, S3, S13, S16, S20/21, S22, S25/26, S35, S37, S41, S45, S46, S53, S61
Hazard Codes H228, H302, H333, H334, H336, H373
Precautionary Codes P102, P201, P210, P260, P270, P273, P280, P301+310, P304+312, P333+313, P342+311, P370+380
Appearance Plant. Dark blue (dark cerulean) leaf with three points and a slender stem, varying in size. When it comes in contact with water, it becomes a dark hazel color, and its points seem to stretch somewhat, creating the illusion of another plant.
Toxic? Undetermined
Description This leaf, a distant descendant of the Belsease plant, will cause a sometimes-permanent bout of psychosis when given in any dosage, the risk of permanent damage increasing with higher dosages. It is theorized that somehow the leaf disables the frontal cortex and over-activates the hypo-thalamus, but further testing would be required to say so with any firm degree of certainty. Casualties who ingest Whisper Plant quickly begin complaining of hearing voices talking and/or laughing at them, before soon becoming violent to supervisors. Death from Whisper Plant is rare, but psychological treatment is often needed until long after.
Observed Effects Long-lasting psychosis, auditory hallucinations, addiction, aggression, mental illness, hysteria (in withdrawal)
Notable Users * Detective Elliot Mortensen (low dosage, no effects?)
* Dashiel "Spades" Vance
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