This page is about the game. For the location, see Webshadow Technologies. For the event, see The Webshadow Massacre.
Webshadow is a planned text-adventure game to be made for Quest.

The cover of the game.
Date started December 21st, 2014 (RPG)
June 12th, 2016
Date first released n/a
Date last updated November 13th, 2016 (private)
Date completed n/a
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Rating Mature
Link to play n/a
(Latest) Official Longplay n/a
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Next in Timeline The Downward Spiral of Adam Keir (2017)


Dallas Calhoon, a jack-of-all-trades from Houston, has just arrived for his first day (or rather, night) on the job. He's been hired to work as a computer technician for a new company called Webshadow Technologies. However, when the night quickly sours following the mysterious and sudden murder of another employee, can Dallas really trust anyone?

The biggest question is… Who is the killer? Is it Pierce Chambers, the boss with the gun? Or is it Silver Lowell, the strange girl who never speaks? How about Robin Bedford, natural casanova, Cheryl Knight, or Amber Mendel? What about Graham Fairchild, the man Dallas is immediately attracted to? Dallas has no idea.

Who do you believe? Will you have the guts to defend yourself, or will Dallas Calhoon become just another victim?

Characters (in order of appearance)

pierce-chambers.png Pierce Chambers
dallas-calhoon.png Dallas Calhoon
amber-mendel.png Amber Mendel
robin-bedford.png Robin Bedford
cheryl-knight.png Cheryl Knight
graham-fairchild.png Graham Fairchild
silver-lowell.png Silver Lowell
courtney-knight.png Courtney Knight


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