Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw is a short novel about a jealous detective-sergeant who frames his recently-promoted partner of kidnapping.

Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw
The cover of the story.
Date started November 13th, 2015
Last updated March 31st, 2016
Date completed n/a
Rating Teen and Up
Chapters 6+
Word Count 8426+
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Audiobook SoundCloud
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Station Detective-Sergeant Gilbert Pudget has a dream. That dream? To reach the rank of Detective-Inspector. When the promotion is stolen from him even after his attempt to thwart the advances of his competition, he decides to repeat his attempt in an effort to remove Detective-Inspector Alexander Nels from the game. Will he succeed? And if he does, will he regret it?

Characters (in order of appearance)

alexander-nels.png Station Detective-Inspector Alexander Nels | Played by Cliff Thompson
Station Detective-Sergeant Gilbert "Gil" Pudget | Played by Bryn Park
carmilla-gentry.png Miss Carmilla Gentry | Played by Sarah Manuel
Michael Heathrow | Played by Devan Miller
Commissioner Compton | Played by
allison-hendrix.png Allison Hendrix | Played by


Chapter 1


Archive of Our Own




Concept Arts


  • Takes place in Catshill, UK.
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