Timeline of Events

Note: the timeline (more or less) only documents significant events, e.g. ones that would be covered by the media or that have a notable impact on some aspect of the world/characters, and does not document less significant events, e.g. character birthdates.



  • July (France): Attempting to rob a house and nearly getting caught, thief Paschal de Saint Clair panics and winds up murdering a woman. In his haste to flee the scene, he leaves behind a family heirloom: the silver knife he used to kill the young woman.


  • Monday, January 10th (Catshill, UK): Catshill local Lorelle Cheshire dies in her home around 3 AM, after falling down the stairs. Her husband, George, maintains that it was a murder, though he admits to never catching the face of the man who supposedly attacked Lorelle and their infant son, Mordecai.


  • Undetermined (Catshill, UK): George Cheshire dies of alcohol poisoning, having become addicted to the substance after the death of his wife, Lorelle, three years prior. His son, Mordecai, is taken in by a local Catholic orphanage.
  • Undetermined (Catshill, UK): Mordecai Cheshire meets fellow orphan Oliver Roarke at the orphanage while following a stray cat. The two click immediately and proceed to become close friends.


  • Undetermined (Catshill, UK): Mordecai Cheshire takes an interest in, and begins studying, both psychology and chemistry.



  • Wednesday, August 8th (Catshill, UK): Dr. M. Cheshire, while at the Catshill Coffee-house with Oliver Roarke, meets Camille Ibbott, who later that day steals his first kiss. When explained to Roarke, Roarke is displeased.


  • Monday, June 1st (Catshill, UK): Psychiatrist-turned-scientist Dr. M. Cheshire of Eclipse Laboratories completes Eclipse Potion, a serum capable of reanimation and, potentially, immortality, having tested it in small amounts on himself all through the creation process.


  • Undetermined (Worldwide): Marigold Intelligence, a new "futuristic" technology company, begins opening locations worldwide.



  • Undetermined (Illinois): Famous explorer Darnell Price provides the first and only images of the fabled Underwater Railroad, discovering its connection to tech company Marigold Intelligence. However, his behavior upon return and the farfetched nature of the photos lead professionals to deem them fake, causing Price to be banned from his profession.



  • Undated (Ambérieu-en-Bugey, France): While playing alone in a sandbox located in the municipal park near his home, Elliot Mortensen is approached by a tall, horrifying man with blond hair, cuts all over his face, neck, and hands, and most notably, no eyes. The man rasps for Elliot to "come to [him]". Terrified, Elliot merely shakes his head, gets up, and hurries home. Upon telling her about it, his mother, Dawn Blanchett, aggressively dismisses him, calling him "insane, just like [his] father was".


  • Undated (Ambérieu-en-Bugey, France): While taking a bath, Elliot Mortensen notices the bathroom light starting to flicker. As suddenly as it starts, the light stops, cloaking the room in darkness. It isn't long before Elliot notices he's now not alone; in the darkest corner of the room, he can barely make out a tall silhouette. Recognizing it to be the same man he saw five years prior at the park, he gets out of the tub and runs to the door, but is unable to get it open. Before he's able to scream, a hand clasps over his mouth, and he's pulled to the floor by the terrifying man, who's breathing raggedly and drooling. The man, still covering Elliot's mouth, sexually assaults him (all the while repeatedly murmuring about eating him) until Elliot's mother, Dawn Blanchett, abruptly enters the room and turns on the light. As soon as the light snaps on, the man is gone with the darkness. Dawn refuses to believe Elliot's story, especially without evidence, and instead accuses Elliot of masturbation. Elliot decides to dub the man "Dark", and from that moment onward has a debilitating fear of the dark.



  • Undated (Valence, France): A sudden mysterious fire ravages the home of Héloïse and Stéphane Callahan. They're able to get one of their sons, Frank, out, but their other son, Simon, is trapped in his and Frank's bedroom. As Simon pounds at the window, screaming for help, Stéphane has to hold Héloïse back to stop her from running in for him. Firemen arrive within five minutes, managing to get Simon out before the house is entirely consumed by the flames. They comment that if they'd even been a minute later than they were, Simon could've been killed by the ensuing flashover.


  • November (Near New York): Media attention is brought to the supposed demonic possession of Els Giese, resulting in the deaths of her parents and two priests, one of whom seemed to have murdered her before committing suicide at the scene.



  • Thursday, July 1st (Worldwide): First season premiere of SIMULATOR. It becomes a hit.


  • Saturday, September 19th (Lyon, France): Among other victims, Charlotte Callahan and her daughter, Gaëlle, are killed during a mass shooting at Lyon's local mall. Husband and father Lt. Simon Callahan is devastated. One of the shooters flees the scene, but the other is caught. Simon and Det. Elliot Mortensen of the National Police question him at headquarters. After a brief, but tense, interrogation, the shooter confesses and reveals where the other shooter lives. Elliot and Simon go to the shooter's apartment and bring him in for questioning. During the ensuing interrogation, Simon pulls a gun on the shooter and threatens to kill him for what he did, but is talked down by Elliot.


  • Monday, October 31st (Seattle, Washington): The Grapevine is opened to the public in Seattle for the first time.


  • Tuesday, July 3rd (Tampa Bay, Florida): The Attention murders fellow SIMULATOR contestant The Follower, who takes off his mask during the attack. Pictures of his face, sent to the Tampa Tribune by an anonymous photographer, spark worldwide outrage, resulting in the masked man's defamation and boycotting.


  • Thursday, January 9th (Catshill, UK): In search of a decent place to film their next indie movie, the Autumnwolf Film Productions crew (Collin Locklear, Lizabeth Jasper, Roger Jasper, and Kurtis Abel) break into the Cheshire Estate in Catshill. Upon going upstairs to investigate the upper floor of the mansion alone, Collin runs into an incredibly disheveled Dr. M. Cheshire, who he manages to communicate with. The crew are initially reluctant to believe Cheshire's tale, but soon adopt him into their group anyway, offering to help him if he agrees to help them with their film. Cheshire agrees, allowing them to use his mansion as a set and to play a minor role for them. As the rest of the crew sets up, Collin takes Cheshire shopping locally for new clothing, during which Cheshire humbly thanks him for his kindness.
  • Saturday, May 17th (Krasnoyarsk, Russia): Shortly after his arrival in Krasnoyarsk, to continue his schooling the following year at the Siberian Federal University, Benedikt Wolff crosses paths with Deck member Dashiel "Spades" Vance. Not too long after, Benedikt is accepted as a potential new member for the group.
  • Sunday, July 27th (Michigan): Dr. M. Cheshire gains notoriety in the media as a possible clairvoyant.


  • Saturday, January 9th (Southfield, Michigan - Livonia, Michigan): Still on the hunt for Noël Ragsdale, Det. Elliot Mortensen arrives in Southfield, Michigan with an appointment to visit local psychiatrist, Dr. M. Cheshire. Upon meeting each other, the two are shocked are the other's similarity to people from their pasts, but discuss Elliot's reason for coming anyway. Cheshire concludes they should search for Ragsdale at his home, something which had never occurred to Elliot, and though he stubbornly insists it's a stupid idea, he and Cheshire head there shortly after. Once close, Elliot notices a cloud of smoke hanging over Ragsdale's street, and drives faster to find Ragsdale and Julie Carmine, one of Ragsdale's former students, gawking at Ragsdale's blazing house. Upon confrontation, Ragsdale admits the kidnapped 12th graders were in his basement and that he was the one to start the fire, and, as if only just realizing what he'd done, rushes inside in a futile attempt to rescue them. Elliot nearly shoots Ragsdale dead, only to be blocked by Cheshire, who then follows Ragsdale into the flames after hearing the man scream. Elliot rushes in to rescue Cheshire, though neither of them are able to find Ragsdale. Shortly after Elliot drags Cheshire out, the house collapses in on itself, and Julie finally crumples to the snow and begins crying. Ragsdale's remains are later confirmed found in what had been the basement during a search of the ruins.
  • Monday, October 31st (Seattle, Washington): During Seattle's annual Grapevine event, local Willoughby Bright is found in the bathroom with his throat slit. The event ends prematurely as a result.
  • Thursday, December 1st (Minneapolis, Minnesota): Media coverage of one of the first known (witnessed) demonic possessions since the 1990s, in Minneapolis. Exorcised victim Off. Feliz Florence of the Minneapolis Police Department refuses to comment.


  • Tuesday, April 4th (Boston, Massachusetts): Australian Boston-local and digital artist Max Aleshire goes missing. His downstairs neighbor, Franco Diefenbach, tells police that while running his nearby convenience store, he saw Max earlier that morning with a dark-skin man who introduced himself only as Cameron.
  • Undetermined (Sandusky, Ohio): Marigold Intelligence secretly begins working on the Stork series of FERN androids, their first endeavor with androids, in Sandusky-based Point Echium. The first Stork they make substantial progress with is Stork 4, dubbed Dizzy.
  • Sunday, September 3rd (Seattle, Washington): Charlie Gilliam, missing former host of Conversations Past Midnight, is found wandering, disoriented and aggressive, on a beach in Seattle exactly six years after his disappearance. After being brought in to the local police station, Det. Cassie Mercier and Agent Percy Arkwright question him. Charlie spins tall tales of abduction and mind control, though what he says often goes on to contradict itself; he seems to have immense trouble focusing. When asked what happened to Ron Wells or the rest of his show's crew, he shakes his head feverishly and gives no clear answer. It is decided that his obviously deteriorated mental state means he can't be cited as a reliable witness, and Charlie is sent to a psychiatric facility for treatment.
  • Tuesday, September 5th (Seattle, Washington): Charlie Gilliam commits suicide in his room at the psychiatric facility he was sent to.
  • Tuesday, October 31st (Seattle, Washington): The Grapevine is opened to the public in Seattle for the last time.


  • Undetermined (Russia): Beginning of the second Russian Civil War.
  • Undated - Undated (Brisbane, Australia - Laika, Australia): Stork android 4, Dizzy, of the FERN Project is smuggled out of Sandusky-based Point Echium by her lead creator, an older FERN scientist. The scientist manages to transport Dizzy to Brisbane, Australia, where he then stocks her on a boat and stays with her on Laika, an island near Australia.
  • Wednesday, October 10th (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania): Internet-famous gamer KasGaming and his best friend, vlogger/streamer Valcupine, attempt to play Bashful Bunny, a game made popular due to rumors about its players going missing sooner after, on their stream, mocking the game as they go.
  • Tuesday, October 30th (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania): Waking up to find his friend August Lund, better known online as KasGaming, missing with their stream live and the abandoned Bashful Bunny game now open, vlogger/streamer Val Kozel, better know online as Valcupine, calls him. During their call, which viewers witness live, August is heard to suffer to car accident. Val runs out to find him, managing to find the car a few streets down, crashed into a telephone pole, but August missing. After contacting the police, Val returns home, only to find Bashful Bunny open again, informing him indirectly that the person in control of the game has kidnapped him. The game threatens that if Val leave the basement or stop streaming before 3 AM, he will be killed. Val agrees, attempting to reason with the creator to no avail. When he later calls the creator's bluff, admitting he doesn't believe he's actually in danger, the creator replies in the game's window with a picture of Val's bedroom upstairs, with a glimpse of what appears to be a pink, furry anthropomorphic rabbit in frame.
  • November (Krasnoyarsk, Russia): Benedikt Wolff gets a degree as a Professor of Chemistry, completing his classes at the Siberian Federal University.


  • Wednesday, January 2nd (Krasnoyarsk, Russia - Moscow, Russia): Due to stress and personal worries, Prof. Benedikt Wolff decides to leave Krasnoyarsk, much to the displeasure of Deck member Dashiel "Spades" Vance. Dashiel follows Benedikt to the train station, where he suddenly pulls him in for a kiss, hugs him, and confesses that he's been in love with him since the first day they met. Startled and concerned by this, Benedikt pulls away and boards a train. Once he reaches his destination, the airport, he boards a plane to the United States.
  • Thursday, January 3rd (Newark, New Jersey): Benedikt Wolff arrives in Newark, New Jersey and quickly begins trying to apply for American citizenship to start his life over in safety.
  • Tuesday, August 20th (New Jersey): Ruler Eternal begins terrorizing residents of New Jersey and nearby states.
  • Undetermined (Worldwide): Final season of SIMULATOR, since almost everyone involved dies.


  • Undated (Laika, Australia): Missing Stork android 4, Dizzy, of the FERN Project is located on Laika, an island near Australia. She's found caring for the corpses of her creator, an older FERN scientist, and his son, a Brisbane reporter, and reacts violently when approached by Marigold soldiers. After a struggle, Dizzy is contained and the process begins to ship her back to Sandusky-based Point Echium.
  • Undated (Sandusky, Ohio): After her return to Sandusky-based Point Echium, Stork android 4, Dizzy, of the FERN Project is shut down permanently.
  • Wednesday, December 2nd (Krasnoyarsk, Russia): Initially formed to keep peace, Russian group the Deck officially goes on the offensive against the sides of the Russian Riots.


  • Monday, November 1st (Lyndon, New Jersey): Workers from Crimson Cove disappear, and the facility is left unknowingly open.
  • Saturday, December 25th (Krasnoyarsk, Russia): Under the influence of a past Whisper Plant overdose's recurring side-effects, Dashiel Vance single-handedly kills two of the four remaining members of the Deck, thereby bringing the group to an end.


  • Tuesday, May 23rd (New Jersey): Supposed death of Ruler Eternal.
  • Undetermined (Russia): End of second Russian Civil War/Russian Riots.
  • October (Sandusky, Ohio): Rashid Blakesley, IT technician at a Marigold Intelligence tech shop in Sandusky, Ohio, is approached by FERN Project workers, who take him down to nearby underground Point Echium. Rashid is then introduced to an early FERN Android, Peafowl 12, dubbed merely Flynn. The workers instruct Rashid to have a conversation with Flynn as if he was human, to test Flynn's conversational abilities. The conversation goes poorly, and the secrecy of the underground Marigold Point, their secret work, and the things said by Flynn disturb Rashid deeply, and he proceeds to quit working at the tech shop. Marigold workers don't take kindly to the move, considering Rashid as a liability, and begin considering methods to ensure he keeps his mouth shut. Ultimately, they decide to use the situation as an opportunity to further test Flynn.


  • Tuesday, October 16th (Chicago, Illinois): On her son Cochryn's second birthday, Cassie Mercier receives a surprise visit from a man claiming to be Percy Arkwright. Seeing the similarities in both appearance and voice, she's quick to believe him, but hesitantly denies his request for her to run away to be with him. Percy seems disappointed, but tells her the hotel he's staying at in case she changes her mind before leaving. Heavily conflicted, Cassie wonders if she made the right decision, but also how Percy survived. Her husband, Quincey Alexander, returns home, but she decides not to tell him about the encounter. In the middle of the night, while Quincey is asleep, Cassie makes up her mind, packs her bags, takes Cochryn, and meets Percy at the hotel.
  • Wednesday, October 31st (Chicago, Illinois): Cassie Mercier enters the hotel room where she's been staying/having an affair with the man claiming to be Percy Arkwright only to find her new lover about to strangle her two-year-old son, Cochryn. She begs Percy to let her son go, which prompts him to reply that his real name is "Flynn", and that he's not really Percy Arkwright. Regardless, fearing for her child's safety, she continues begging, telling him, "You can do whatever you want to me, just don't hurt my baby. He didn't do anything wrong." As if struggling against his own body, Flynn manages to put Cochryn down, then apologies to Cassie before strangling her to death. Sometime that night, Cassie's distressed husband, Quincey Alexander, is startled when the doorbell rings. Believing it to be his missing wife, he hurries to open it. Instead, all he finds is his son, Cochryn, crying but unharmed and lying in a little basket on the doorstep.


  • Undetermined (Worldwide): Passwords become a thing of the past, used only by certain low-class organizations, and are otherwise replaced by retina scanners.
  • Undetermined (Worldwide): Police begin using facial-recognition-capable cameras and fingerprint scanners when talking to witnesses and suspects.


  • Monday, January 15th (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan): The Black Canaries tip police off about the murder of everyone in Bloomfield Hills.
  • August (New Jersey): King Nega Spaz begins terrorizing the residents of New Jersey.


  • Undetermined (Sandusky, Ohio): Marigold Intelligence unveils DAISY Project, later to be called the DiviQuery, a line of relatively cheap tablet-like devices/"necessities" worn like a watch with multiple uses, including identification.


  • Undetermined (Worldwide): Cellphones and other mobile devices are phased out in favor of the DiviQuery.



  • Monday, October 12th (Chicago, Illinois): Marigold Intelligence announce that they have a "functioning" time machine somewhere underneath Lake Michigan. Press in Milwaukee and Chicago bite, reporting on what little they know like wildfire. Shortly after, Wells High School is bombed by an unknown terrorist.


  • Undated: One of the Marigold Intelligence scientists working on building a new time machine (SOLIDAGO Project) is involved in an accident with the machine, after which he disappears and is never seen again. No one is certain what happened to him, though other scientists hypothesize he may have been warped to another point in time.


  • Undetermined (Italy): King Martel II becomes the new king of Italy, forcing the country back into the feudal system.


  • Undetermined (Italy): King Martel II orders a nuclear strike on Ireland, which is decimated as a result.


  • Sunday, August 16th (Isola di Poveglia, Italy): Death of King Martel II.


  • Undetermined (Alexandria, Egypt): Under orders from Dr. A. Mikkelsen, Marigold Intelligence begins sending android clones of people from the past back in time to remove any obstacles that prevented them from completing their work sooner.


  • Undetermined (Venice, Italy): Calix Martel is made the new king of Italy, becoming King Martel III.


  • September (Worldwide): Beginning of World War III.
  • September (Worldwide): King Martel III, while travelling to spread peace in a conflicted country, is killed. As planned in his fallback, the title of king falls upon Alex Wells, who quickly adopts the title of "King Martel IV". Due to King Martel IV's ensuing vengeful retaliation, the planet is soon devastated by nuclear weaponry.
  • Undated (Ambérieu-en-Bugey, France): Capitalizing on a devastated planet and leaderless civilizations, Dr. A. Mikkelsen steps up and begins forming Marigold Intelligence's early stages.


  • Undated: Due to the dictator-esque rule of Dr. A. Mikkelsen, a few small groups form under the same name and mission: to rebel and remove Dr. Mikkelsen from power, and to protect the remaining population from his madness.


  • Undated: A Marigold Intelligence scientist working on SOLIDAGO Project (a time machine), comes to, still believing it to be 2046, as that was when he was working on the time machine. Immediately surprised by how the underground facility now looks unused and partially destroyed, he disorientedly stumbles around, eventually coming across the discontinued Flynn D'Amore α. After accidentally activating the android, he relies on Flynn to help him find a way out, which Flynn agrees to do on the condition that the scientist help him find "Cochryn". Shortly after getting out and finding the world outside obliterated and looking like a post-apocalyptic dystopia, the duo stumble across a gang of resistance members. Upon questioning, they reveal the actual year to the scientist, who then realizes he was accidentally warped into the future. The resistance members take him and Flynn to their base, where they temporarily keep them locked up. While there, the scientist talks with one of the younger resistance members; a young Welshman named Miles Quinlan. Miles seems very intrigued by his descriptions of time travel, and then insists he and Flynn be released, explaining that the may be the key to the only way to defeat Dr. A. Mikkelsen; by traveling to the past and stopping Dr. Mikkelsen long before his plans could ever be implemented.


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