The Underwater Railroad

See Marigold Intelligence.

Marigold Intelligence is a computer company known for creating various devices and operating systems.

Marigold Intelligence
Other names The Underwater Railroad (fabled name)
水中鉄道 (Suichuu Tetsudou; Japanese, fabled name)
Founder Dr. A. Mikkelsen
Predecessor Unknown
Descendent n/a
Notable Creations/Discoveries/Events * Usable Quantum Computers (2020, by Daniel Bennett and an unnamed contributor)
* STEPHANOTIS Project (2020, by Daniel Bennett)
* FERN Androids (2021, by Daniel Bennett, an unnamed contributor, and the FERN Project team)
* DiviQuery (2040, by Daniel Bennett)
* SOLIDAGO Project (2043, by Daniel Bennett)
* Simulated Auxiliary Vantage Establishment (S.A.V.E.) Points (2043)
Active from… 1944 - September 2093

Marigold Intelligence has locations all over the world, most connected to laboratories, which are in and of themselves connected by a high-speed below-ground tram system.

All workers


Rashid Blakesley (20xx - 2028, in Sandusky, Ohio)

Dr. Hideaki Yamauchi (20xx - 20xx, in Antarctica)
Lachlan Turner (20xx - 20xx, in Antarctica)
Karin Næss (20xx - 20xx, in Antarctica)
Sung-Min Hann (20xx - 20xx, in Antarctica)
Scott Kipling (20xx - 20xx, in Antarctica)


Dr. Alan Mikkelsen (1944 - indefinite, everywhere)
The Gray Man (1944 - 20xx, everywhere)
Agent Jessi Winther (201x - 201x, primarily Points Narcissus and Primrose)
Prof. Daniel Bennett (20xx - 20xx, primarily Points Clover, Echium, and Rosebud)
russell-southwell.png Ex-Agent Russell Southwell (anonymously, 2022 - October 14th, 2043, primarily Points Clover, Echium, and Rosebud)

"The Underwater Railroad"

The Underwater Railroad (Japanese: 水中鉄道 Suichuu Tetsudou) is known as a fabled railroad that runs underwater and connects to every continent. There is no real proof of its existence other than a photograph taken of a supposed entrance in 1966 by former explorer Darnell Price. It is more of an urban legend, and its existence is considered merely a conspiracy theory. Most people don't know that the underground laboratories are real, let alone run by a company as big as Marigold.

Tram System

The trams connecting the Marigold Points run underground and move at an average speed of 67.8 mph (109.1 km/h).



Main lab: tbe
Backup lab(s): tbe

STEPHANOTIS Project (Japanese: 「STEPHANOTIS(ステファノティス)」プロジェクト "Sutefanotisu" Purojekuto) is a teleporter system.

FERN Project

Main lab: Point Rosebud
Backup lab(s): Point Echium

FERN Project (Factitious Emulated Replication Nonperson) (Japanese: 「FERN(ファーン)」プロジェクト "Fān" Project) is an attempt to make humanoid androids for purposes such as combat, labor, and companionship.

DAISY Project

DAISY Project (Japanese: 「DAISY(デイジー)」プロジェクト "Deijī" Purojekuto) is the official name for the DiviQuery.


Main lab: Point Iris
Backup lab(s): Point Clover

SOLIDAGO Project (Japanese: 「SOLIDAGO(ソリダゴ)」プロジェクト "Soridago" Purojekuto) is a time machine. It emits radiation, measured in Maxwells.

Operating Systems

Most operating systems are named after flowers, though the ones used in FERN Project have version-based subtitles named after birds. Each update adds an incremental number to the end rather than changing the OS' name. They're typically akin to a cross between Windows 10 and Macintosh computers.

Home & Work Computers

Marigold Azalea (Japanese: アザレア Azarea)

Corporate Computers

Marigold Calendula (Japanese: カレンジュラ Karenjura) used by general public; e.g. airports

Marigold Magnolia (Japanese: マグノリア Magunoria), used at Marigold Points only


Marigold Dandelion (Japanese: ダンデライオン Danderaion)

FERN systems

Marigold Fern (Japanese: ファーン Fān)

FERN 0 (Stork)

Marigold Fern 0.0.0
Subtitle: Stork (Japanese: ストーク Sutōku)
Started: 2015
Discontinued: 2020

Testing. Silicon-based androids with limited movement. Extremely prone to sentience.

Known Stork androids

Marigold Fern 0.638.1-id4
Name: Dizzy
Started: 20xx
Discontinued: 2020 (due to sentience)

FERN 1 (Peafowl)

Marigold Fern 1.0.0
Subtitle: Peafowl (Japanese: ピーファウル Pīfauru)
Started: December 2021
Discontinued: 2025

Testing. More humanoid than Stork. Created for espionage/assassination missions, requiring the ability to blend in with humans, though not perfectly. Prone to sentience.

Known Peafowl androids

Marigold Fern 1.284.3-id12
Name: Flynn
Basis: Terrence Lyndon
Started: December 2021
Discontinued: 2027 (due to sentience)

Marigold Fern 1.492.9-id12a
Name: Flynn D'Amore (α)
Started: December 2027
Completed: December 2027

Marigold Fern 1.547.6-id12b
Name: Flynn D'Amore (β)
Started: October 20431
Completed: 2045

FERN 2 (Vulture)

Marigold Fern 2.0.0
Subtitle: Vulture (Japanese: ヴァルチャー Varuchā)
Started: 2020
Discontinued: 2040

Used as weapons. Most models were provided to the US military for combat.

Known Vulture androids

Marigold Fern 2.146.0-id16
Name: Cochryn Alexander
Basis: Cochryn Alexander
Started: October 2043
Completed: October 2043

FERN 3 (Pheasant)

Marigold Fern 3.0.0
Subtitle: Pheasant (Japanese: フェザント Fezanto)
Started: 2025
Discontinued: 2030

Slightly more human-like than Peafowl, but extremely prone to sentience.

FERN 4 (Loon)

Marigold Fern 4.0.0
Subtitle: Loon (Japanese: ルーン Rūn)
Started: 2030
Discontinued: 2035

As very few Loon androids were released to the public, not much is known besides that fact that they possess minor improvements to the Pheasant models, such as being less likely to become sentient.

Known Loon androids

Marigold Fern 4.522.7-id17
Name: Elliot Mortensen
Basis: Dr. Mikkelsen
Started: ?
Completed: ?

FERN 5 (Secretarybird)

Marigold Fern 5.0.0
Subtitle: Secretarybird (Japanese: セクラテリーバード Sekuraterībādo)
Started: 2030
Discontinued: 2060

Like Pheasant, but more human-like. Addresses the issue of sentience, making it much less likely to occur. Most used from 2030-onward as working bots at stores and whatnot.

FERN 6 (Mockingbird)

Marigold Fern 6.0.0
Subtitle: Mockingbird (Japanese: モッキングバード Mokkingubādo)
Started: 2035
Discontinued: 2035

Not much is known about Mockingbird androids.

FERN 7 (Lyrebird)

Marigold Fern 7.0.0
Subtitle: Lyrebird (Japanese: リラバード Rirabādo)
Started: 2040
Discontinued: 2080

Near-accurate mimicry of humans. Almost no cases of sentience.

Known Lyrebird androids

Marigold Fern 7.291.5-id68
Name: Aten Idris
Basis: Rashid Blakesley
Started: June 2040
Completed: 2040

FERN 8 (Dove)

Marigold Fern 8.0.0
Subtitle: Dove (Japanese: ドヴ Dobu)
Started: 2080
Discontinued: 2093

Most human, meant to replace both Secretary/Lyrebirds, but never completed.

Known Dove androids

Marigold Fern 8.5.1-id12
Name: Flynn D'Amore (ω)
Basis: Flynn D'Amore (α)
Started: 2094
Completed: 2094

Marigold Points

Marigold Intelligence has various underground/underwater labortatory hubs, known as Points. They are (mostly) named after flowers that have meanings in the language of flowers; Mikkelsen's touch.

Point Ambrosia

(Japanese: ポイントアムブロシアー Pointo Amuburoshiā)
Location: Ambérieu-en-Bugey, France
Connects to: Amberieu Cemetery (3.19 km), Point Begonia (544 km), Point Daffodil (5862 km), Point Geranium (1010 km), Point Rosebud (2549 km)

Chemical work done here (specifically with Eclipse Potion and its variants).

Point Begonia

(Japanese: ポイントベゴニア Pointo Begonia)
Location: Isola di Poveglia, Italy
Connects to: Parco delle Rimembranze (5 km), Point Ambrosia (544 km), Point Geranium (1407 km), Point Wisteria (1479 km)

Testing with lethal diseases and creation of new forms done here.

Point Clover

(Japanese: ポイントクローバー Pointo Kurōbā)
Location: Lake Michigan (near Chicago, Illinois & Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Connects to: Caldwell Woods (141 km), Point Narcissus (317 km), Point Tulip (154 km)

Time machine development done here.

Point Daffodil

(Japanese: ポイントダフォディル Pointo Dafodiru)
Location: Massachusetts Bay (near Boston)
Connects to: Savin Hill Park (17 km), Point Ambrosia (5862 km), Point Geranium (5021 km), Point Hydrangea (335 km, until Nov. 2021)

Purpose unknown.

Point Echium

(Japanese: ポイントエキウム Pointo Ekiumu)
Location: Sandusky Bay (near Sandusky, Ohio)
Connects to: Calvary Cemetery (4.17 km), Point Narcissus (119 km), Point Orchid, (511 km)

Serves as additional/backup research center for FERN Project.
Flynn D'Amore was created here.

Point Forsythia

(Japanese: ポイントフォーサイシア Pointo Fōsaishia)
Location: North Atlantic Ocean (near Miami, Florida)
Connects to: Miami Memorial Gardens (29 km), Point Kalmia (1524 km), Point Primrose (1478 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Geranium

(Japanese: ポイントゼラニウム Pointo Zeraniumu)
Location: River Mersey (near Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom)
Connects to: Carlett Park (6 km), Point Ambrosia (1010 km), Point Begonia (1407 km), Point Daffodil (5021 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Hydrangea

(Japanese: ポイントハイドランジア Pointo Haidoranjia)
Location: Newark Bay (near Elizabeth, New Jersey)
Connect to: Crimson Cove (4.77 km), Point Daffodil (335 km), Point Orchid (236 km), Point Primrose (295 km) (all until Nov. 2021)

Induction of life into inanimate objects tested here.2 Made inactive as of November 2021 due to CIA takeover at Crimson Cove in October 2021.

Point Iris

(Japanese: ポイントアイリス Pointo Airisu)
Location: Okirai Bay (near Horei, Japan)
Connects to: Black Nest Falls (4.16 km), Point Sweetpea (6139 km), Point Quartervine (7300 km), Point Ursinia (4024 km), Point Violet (7870 km), Point Yucca (3694 km3)

Time machine developed here.

Point Jaborosa

(Japanese: ポイントジャボロサ Pointo Jaborosa)
Location: Lake Mead (near Echo Bay, Nevada)
Connects to: Unnamed Las Vegas Road (57 km), Point Larkspur (2268 km), Point Mistletoe (1310 km), Point Violet (783 km), Point Zinnia (962 km)

Experimentation with children to make them weapons done here.

Point Kalmia

(Japanese: ポイントカルミア Pointo Karumia)
Location: Trinity Bay (near Baytown, Texas)
Connects to: Unnamed Baytown Road (7 km), Point Forsythia (1524 km), Point Primrose (1963 km), Point Zinnia (1007 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Larkspur

(Japanese: ポイントラークスパー Pointo Rākusupā)
Location: Lake Superior (near Silver May, Minnesota)
Connects to: Silver Bay Golf Course (14 km), Point Jaborosa (2268 km), Point Tulip (439 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Mistletoe

(Japanese: ポイントミッスルトー Pointo Missurutō)
Location: Athol, Idaho
Connects to: Silver Hill Mining Corporation (0.46 km), Point Jaborosa (1310 km), Point Quartervine (429 km), Point Violet (1251 km)

Anthropomorphism of living creatures done here.

Point Narcissus

(Japanese: ポイントナルシス Pointo Narushisu)
Location: Southfield, Michigan
Connects to: Southfield City Center (0.63 km), Point Clover (317 km), Point Echium (119 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Orchid

(Japanese: ポイントオーキッド Pointo Ōkiddo)
Location: Susquehanna River (near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
Connects to: Camp Hill (2.8 km), Point Echium (511 km), Point Hydrangea (236 km, until Nov. 2021), Point Primrose (185 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Primrose

(Japanese: ポイントプリムローズ Pointo Purimurōzu)
Location: Chesapeake Bay (near Tilghman Island, Maryland)
Connects to: Rosaryville State Park (39 km), Point Forsythia (1478 km), Point Hydrangea (295 km, until Nov. 2021), Point Kalmia (1963 km), Point Orchid (185 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Quartervine

(Japanese: ポイントクォーターヴァイン Pointo Kuōtāvain)
Location: Elliott Bay (near Seattle, Washington)
Connects to: Cheasty Boulevard (12 km), Point Iris (7300 km), Point Mistletoe (429 km)

Human experimentation/mind control done here.

Point Rosebud

(Japanese: ポイントローズバッド Pointo Rōzubaddo)
Location: Mediterranean Sea (near Alexandria, Egypt)
Connects to: Jews Craves (139 km), Point Ambrosia (2549 km), Point Wisteria (2101 km), Point Xylobium (13524 km)

Main location of FERN Project.

Point Sweetpea

(Japanese: ポイントスイートピー Pointo Suītopī)
Location: Arafura Sea (near Karumba, Australia)
Connects to: Gun Club Access (192 km), Point Iris (6139 km), Point Yucca (7252 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Tulip

(Japanese: ポイントテューリップ Pointo Tūrippu)
Location: Lake Michigan (near Algoma, Wisconsin)
Connects to: Root River Parkway (202 km), Point Clover (154 km), Point Larkspur (439 km)

Black magic testing done here.

Point Ursinia

(Japanese: ポイントアーシニア Pointo Āshinia)
Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Connects to: Sverdlovskiy Rayon (13 km), Point Iris (4024 km), Point Wisteria (4021 km), Point Yucca (2186 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Violet

(Japanese: ポイントヴァイオレット Pointo Vaioretto)
Location: Gulf of the Farallones (near Farallon Islands, California)
Connects to: Lakeshore (47 km), Point Iris (7870 km), Point Jaborosa (783 km), Point Mistletoe (1251 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Wisteria

(Japanese: ポイントウィステリア Pointo Wisuteria)
Location: Chernobyl, Ukraine
Connects to: Chernobyl Church (8 km), Point Begonia (1479 km), Point Rosebud (2101 km), Point Ursinia (4021 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Xylobium

(Japanese: ポイントザイロビウム Pointo Zairobiumu)
Location: Southern Ocean (near Antarctica)
Connects to: Marigold Antarctic Station (284 km), Point Rosebud (13524 km)

Reanimation of corpses done here.

Point Yucca

(Japanese: ポイントユッカ Pointo Yukka)
Location: Qinghai Lake (near Hainan, China)
Connects to: Gonghe (74 km), Point Iris (3694 km), Point Sweetpea (7252 km), Point Ursinia (2186 km)

Purpose unknown.

Point Zinnia

(Japanese: ポイントジニア Pointo Jinia)
Location: Roswell, New Mexico
Connects to: Unnamed Roswell Road (60 km), Point Jaborosa (962 km), Point Kalmia (1007 km)

Purpose unknown.

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