The Knightmare

The Knightmare is a demonic suit of armor that intends to take the souls of sinners to "Hell"1.

The Knightmare
Gender Male
Other Names n/a
Birthdate Unknown
Death Date x
Eye Color Orange/Blue
Height Depends on host
Weight Depends on host
Voice provider n/a
Likes * Destruction
* Death
Dislikes * Peace
Strengths Depends on host
Weaknesses Depends on host
Skills * Able to possess anyone
Appearances SIMULATOR: Operation EXODUS


The Knightmare appears to be a suit of armor from the depths of Hell. Holy shit.


A black suit of armor with grey and blue decals. Usually hefts around this huge sword with one blue (ice) side and one orange (fire) side.


The Knightmare merely wants everyone to follow him back to Hell.

Important Dates (SPOILERS)


See The Knightmare (Gallery).


  • Did I mention he's from Hell?
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