The Gray Man

The Gray Man is the title used by each of The Underwater Railroad's personal assassins.

The Gray Men
Number of Gray Men 2+
Also known as 灰色の男たち (Haiiro no Otoko-tachi; Japanese)
Notable Targets * Charles (1942)
* Darnell Price (1944)
* Dr. Cheshire (2014 - 2044)
* Flynn D'Amore (2043)
* Cochryn Alexander (2043)
Active from… 1942 - 2044 (?)

The Grey Men are usually sent back in time to deal with The Underwater Railroad's dirty business. More often than not, they are willing to work with The Underwater Railroad, but in some instances, they are forced and/or driven to madness to work for them.

List of all Grey Men

Elliot Mortensen

Initiation date ~2077
Notable Targets * Charles (1942)
* Darnell Price (1944)
* Elliot Mortensen (1972 - December 1st, 2021)
* Dr. Cheshire (2044)
Active from… 1942 - 2044 (?)
elliot-mortensen.png Elliot Mortensen's corpse was taken and made into a Gray Man. This was done against his will, as was his revival in general. He was also infused with Eclipse Poison and massive doses of Eclipse Potion, taken from the corpse of Dr. Cheshire.

He was first sent back to 1942 to eliminate Charles, but after failing that task, he was sent after Darnell Price. He succeeded that time, but was more or less allowed to roam on his own accord, as he was incapable of dying due to the insane amount of Belsease in his system.

In 1972, his last task arose; to ensure that Cheshire left him post-The Case of The Crimson Suicide. He took on the role of his own worst fear, D.A.R.K., in order to slowly drive himself mad and to frame himself of mass murder in 2021. He went to the extent of allowing Crimson Cove Laboratories to contain him and interview him for a while, just to confuse his past self and further add to how he would snap under the stress of an unsolvable case and the nagging suspicion (however correct) that perhaps he really was the culprit, but just didn't know it. However, he was not instructed to kill his past self, as it was already determined that he would die six years after The Crimson Suicide, indirectly due to Cheshire leaving him.

With no further instructions, stranded, he began roaming again until 2044, at which point he decided to seek vengeance on Cheshire for abandoning him, assigning himself his own final target.

Cochryn Alexander

Initiation date ~2058
Notable Targets * Flynn D'Amore (2043)
* Cochryn Alexander (2043)
Active from… October 12th, 2043 - October 14th, 2043
cochryn-alexander.png Cochryn Alexander willingly joined The Underwater Railroad to become a Gray Man. He did this due to a lust for power; needing to ensure that he would grow up to train and learn so much from The Underwater Railroad, he was required to ensure that his past self would suffer the loss of Flynn D'Amore, despite how much it hurt him, which he believes added fuel to his fire.

He was sent back to 2043 under his own demand to destroy Flynn D'Amore, under the guise that he would be going back to kill himself, hence preventing the destruction of The Underwater Railroad's first time machine.

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