Terrence Lyndon
terrence-lyndon.png Field Agent Terrence Lyndon is a CIA agent assigned to work with Russell Southwell.
Terrence Lyndon
CharaHub profile
Gender Male
Other Names Tel
Birthdate December 12th
Death Date March 17th, 20211
Hair Color Dark roan red
Eye Color Lavender
Height 6'0" (1.83 m)
Weight lbs ( kg)
Occupation * CIA Field Agent
Birth place Chicago, Illinois2
Death place Elizabeth, New Jersey3
Voice provider Anthony Fleece (2017 - current)
Family * Cameron Fenn (boyfriend, tbe - tbe)
Likes * Cats
* Birds
* Alcohol
Dislikes * Bright lights (sensitive eyes since he's usually hungover)
Strengths *
Weaknesses * Slightly paranoid
* Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
* Often hungover
Love Interest(s) Doesn't remember
Affiliated with Central Intelligence Agency
Date created ?
Appearances At Its Core
The Downward Spiral of Adam Keir (referenced)
Bad With Names
Justice in Unity (cameo)
Memento Mori
Mini-Saga comics Lyndon's Phone




For a CIA Agent, Terrence usually acts like a bit of a deadbeat. He likes to drink all night, and may be slightly alcoholic, so he's often hungover. He's a very kind and friendly man regardless.

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