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Expert tip #1: Everyone makes a French Mistake at least once, 'tis rule #1 of the Project Eclipse rulebook.
Expert tip #2: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Expert tip #3: WHAT YEAR IS IT
Expert tip #4: Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.
Expert tip #5: Everybody walk the dinosaur.
Expert tip #6: U havin' a giggle, m8?
Expert tip #7: "If you think nothing is impossible, try to slam a revolving door."
Expert tip #8: "Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't see."
Expert tip #9: "The more you keep trying, the more you realize that you suck."
Expert tip #10: CAN YOU HANDLE MORE?
Expert tip #11: "If you took every vein out of your body and laid them end to end, you'd die."
Expert tip #12: "If you take a number from 1 to 10 and then kill yourself, you will die."
Expert tip #13: "It's great to be awake, because sleep is the cousin of death" - Ruben of JAR Media
Expert tip #14: "Hey! Fuck you with a side of eat shit." - /u/continuousBaBa
Expert tip #15: "Je suis une tortue. Tu es une tortue. Il, elle, nous, TORTUE." - Sami
Expert tip #16: "There's no time to explain, get in my soup!" - Bro Team
Expert tip #17:
Expert tip #18:
Expert tip #19: ".ǝɯ pǝdɯnp ɹǝɟ!uuǝɾ"
Expert tip #20:
Expert tip #21:
Expert tip #22:
Expert tip #23: "the coroner is a 12 year old who is blind" - Hurricanewinzz
Expert tip #24: "Don't sweat the small stuff. Science, math, all that? You're gonna die." - Adam Kovic
Expert tip #25: "Who howls but demons?"
Expert tip #26: "To take out the Spaghetti, you use the spaghetti; it is his greatest strength, but also his greatest weakness." - bigMooney
Expert tip #27: "Mikkelsen's been enjoying long pork sammies but without the sammies, and that's a fuckin' tragedy in and of itself." - Noëlle
Expert tip #28: "The turth sic hurts." - Dylan Cronin
Expert tip #29: "You will cease your tomfoolery or I will do bad to you." - Dylan Cronin
Expert tip #30: "Make your bones strongs. sic" - Noëlle
Expert tip #31: "He can Elliot my Mortensen any day." - Dylan Cronin
Expert tip #32: "The frogurt is also cursed."
Expert tip #33: "*breathes in jewish*" - Someone on Omegle
Expert tip #34: "farewell, make sure to bring papa some shekels" - Someone on Omegle
Expert tip #35: "You came Mortensento my life, now get Mortensout." - Dylan Cronin
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