She Was My Wife

She Was My Wife is a short story.

She Was My Wife
The cover of the story.
Date started January 12th, 2016
Date first released February 1st, 2016
Date completed January 12th, 2016
Rating Teen
Chapters 1
Word Count 963 (3 pages)
EPUB/PDF Download Unavailable
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Detective Mortensen tells the story of his life between two tragic events.

Characters (in order of appearance)

elliot-mortensen.png Detective Elliot Mortensen (Narrator)
emilie-mortensen.png Emilie Mortensen (Referenced)
simon-callahan.png Inspector General Simon Callahan (Referenced)
frank-callahan.png Inspector General Frank Callahan (Referenced)
mrs-bellamy.png Commissioner Tanya Bellamy (Referenced)
miles-quinlan.png Detective Miles Quinlan (Referenced)
mattieu-malachy-delacroix.png Malachy (Referenced)
mr-ragsdale.png Mr. Ragsdale (Referenced)


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