Roger Jasper

Roger Jasper is the husband of Lizabeth Jasper, and also a cameraman for Autumnwolf Film Productions.

Roger Jasper
[*x CharaHub profile]
Gender Male
Other Names x (by x)
Birthdate x
Death Date May 14th, 2014 (aged x)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Height 5'11" ( cm)
Weight lbs ( kg)
Occupation * Indie filmmaker/cameraman
Birth place x
Death place Shafer, Minnesota
Voice provider chadderbox (2016 - current)
Family * Lizabeth Jasper (wife)
* Collin Locklear (brother-in-law)
* Lenore Locklear (niece-in-law)
* Dr. Cheshire (nephew-in-law)
* Emilie Cheshire (grandniece-in-law)
Likes *
Dislikes *
Strengths *
Weaknesses *
Love Interest(s) * Lizabeth Jasper (non-platonic)
Affiliated with Autumnwolf Film Productions
Date created ?
Appearances Eleven Effusions
Memento Mori
Toonsdale (cameo)
At Its Core (cameo)




Important Dates (SPOILERS)


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