Peter Groves

Peter Conri Groves is the leader of an anti-government gang known as The Dominance Dogs.

Peter Groves
CharaHub profile
Gender Male
Other Names n/a
Birthdate November 8th, 1981
Death Date x (aged x)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 6'6" (1.98 m)
Weight lbs ( kg)
Occupation * Anti-government gang leader
Birth place Minneapolis, Minnesota
Death place Undetermined
Voice provider n/a
Family * His gang (like siblings)
Likes *
Dislikes *
Strengths *
Weaknesses *
Skills *
Love Interest(s) * Feliz Florence (non-platonic)
Affiliated with The Dominance Dogs
Date created ?
Appearances Late November
The Cat and the Dog (Short Story)
Justice in Unity (cameo)
Memento Mori (cameo)
Mini-Saga comics Matching Tattoos




Important Dates (SPOILERS)


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