Paschal de Saint-Clair

Paschal de Saint-Clair is a French thief who fled to and was captured in Devonshire County, UK.

Paschal de Saint-Clair
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Gender Male
Other Names Thief
Birthdate ~1635
Death Date tbe (aged tbe)
Hair Color Black (Dark Brown)
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'3" (1.60 m)
Weight tbe lbs (tbe kg)
Blood type Unknown (tbe)
Occupation * Thief
Birth place France
Death place tbe
Voice provider n/a
Family Unknown
Likes * Bragging about his successful robberies
* Making others laugh
Dislikes * Being interrupted
* Being ignored
Strengths * Nimble
* Charismatic
* Optimistic
* Independent
Weaknesses * Impatient
* Vain
* Dishonest
* Can't help but want to settle any scores with vengeance
Skills * Observing people and figuring out their patterns
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Affiliated with 3rd Earl of Devonshire
Date created June, 2017 (Named)
July 26th, 2017 (Further developed)
Appearances Candlelit Silence


In early July of 1665, one of Paschal's thievery attempts failed horrifically due to his impatience. When a woman arrived unexpectedly, he was caught. Since his only other option was to risk getting caught, he panicked and wound up murdering her. Terrified of what he'd done, though he knew he had to, Paschal fled to Devonshire County. Unfortunately, he was caught due to an instance of "wrong place, wrong time" and taken to Exeter. Due to his charges of voluntary manslaughter, and to permission given by the officials of France, his decided punishment is to assist Sir Baudwin Napier in escorting Plague Doctor Klaus Fleischer to London, a mission deemed worse than execution due to the risk of his exposure to the plague.


Paschal has curly black (dark brown in sunlight) hair that descends to just past his shoulders. He also has a pencil mustache. His skin is white, but has a very slight tan. He stands at around 5'3" (1.60 m).
His usual attire consists of the following:

  • White ruffled dress shirt with high-standing collar
  • Detachable white lace jabot
  • Dark blue waistcoat (from neck to upper thighs)
  • Opened black overcoat with cape collar and fabric at end of sleeves turned-up once (to just above knees)
  • White rhinegraves gathered above knees
  • Black petticoat breeches (to mid-thigh)
  • Black leather belt with dagger holder (usually containing the de Saint-Clair family dagger, an heirloom)
  • Long black lace-up leather boots with turned-down poet collars (to just below knees)


Some would describe Paschal as an arrogant smart-ass, and if he were to be honest, he wouldn't argue. He's quick-witted and confident about his abilities despite his capture, which he sees as a minor fluke. He enjoys boasting about his achievements in thievery and the like. Despite seeming to care more about himself than others, once he gets close to people, he can reveal himself at times to actually be a kind-hearted, compassionate man deep down. Despite his crimes, he is not a violent man, and he regrets what became of his last attempt at theft.

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