Mr. Doppell

Mr. Doppell is an alien from another universe who wants to study humans and other life forms on Earth.

Mr. Doppell
CharaHub profile
Gender "Male"1
Other Names Xv. Sionkam
Sion (by Yilhos)
Dopp (by Nancy)
Birthdate Unknown
Death Date x (aged x)
Hair Color Hot Pink (Brown)2
Eye Color Hot Pink (with light pink heart-shaped mark in pupil)
Height 5'11" (1.8 m)3
Weight lbs ( kg)4
Occupation * "Biologist"
Birth place Evaintheta
Death place Undetermined
Voice provider n/a
Family * Yilhos (close "love interest") _
Likes * Learning about other life forms
Dislikes * Animal cruelty
Strengths * Brave
Weaknesses *
Skills * Shapeshifting into other creatures/people
Love Interest(s) * Yilhos (non-platonic)
* Nancy Richmond (?)
Affiliated with x
Date created February 23rd, 2016
Appearances x




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  • If he shapeshifts, his eyes will always remain the same: hot pink with a heart-shaped mark in the pupil.
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