Max Aleshire (Quotes)

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"Yeah, well, just because I’m my own best friend doesn’t mean that I’m mentally unhinged, Stace." - Polarity, 1: Stranger

"I’m on here in the hopes of making a friend, but I haven’t been able to meet anyone who isn’t looking to bang me." - Polarity, 1: Stranger

"Look, you aren’t my mother. Hell, you’re not even my girlfriend, not anymore. So don’t lecture me on how to live my life." - Polarity, 3: Quarrel

"I don’t really have anyone to talk to, but I feel like I can trust you somehow." - Polarity, 4: Commission

"I know it, uh, might not seem like it, but… I do enjoy being friends with you, Stace. Despite all those, uh, ‘flaws’ that you pointed out. But you know, I say ‘flaws’ with quotation marks, because you seem to think they are, but, I mean, they’re not, are they? […] I mean, they’re… They’re what make you… well, you. Sure, you don’t know when to shut up sometimes, and you care too much about what people do, but… You do it because you care, and, honestly, I… I mean, I guess I kind of like that about you." - Polarity, 6: Promise

"Well played, Cameron. Well fucking played." - Polarity, 7: Confession

"Well, let’s just say it’s not every day that I let a murderer into my living room." - Polarity, 8: Voice

"You dirty piece of trash, how could you? That bastard stabbed your only friend to death and sent you pictures, and you let him fuck you for it? Like some sort of slut?" - Polarity, 9: Release

"No means no, asshole! I told you, I’m not gay!" - Polarity, 9: Release

"This is insane. I’m not suicidal. I’ll die if I do this! I don’t want to die! I just want release…!" - Polarity, 9: Release

Ignore The Camera

"Don’t look at me while you’re wearing that head. The eyes creep me out." - Ignore The Camera, 6: Setup

"I don’t have a Twitch account. Besides, I would never suggest my own game to someone. Especially not when it leads to this. I condemn the person who recommended you play Bashful Bunny. But you two could’ve backed out. You had every chance to do so while you were mocking it." - Ignore The Camera, 7: Restraint

"This is the part where most people start begging." - Ignore The Camera, 7: Restraint

"Are you even listening to yourself, Cameron?" - Ignore The Camera, 7: Restraint

"What would you like me to do? Teach him a lesson by sucking his dick?" - Ignore The Camera, 7: Restraint

"How dare you bring her up? You’re trying to force me to suck some guy’s cock, and you have the audacity to bring up my ex-girlfriend? Who you killed, might I remind you?" - Ignore The Camera, 7: Restraint

"I don’t drink. I thought you would’ve known that by now." - Ignore The Camera, 8: Wine

"You never discussed this with me! Do you think I’m okay with this? Didn’t you realize that I was right fucking there, watching you? This is fucked up, even for you, Cameron! Even for you!" - Ignore The Camera, 8: Wine

"You know what I want, Cameron? I want for you to be a normal goddamned man! I want you to stop all this insanity—to stop killing people!" - Ignore The Camera, 9: Oath

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