Max Aleshire

Maxime Aleshire is a recluse who does digital art for a living.

Max Aleshire
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Gender Male
Other Names Max
Race White
Nationality Australian
Birthdate October 10th, 1997 (♎)
Death Date Undetermined
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Height 5'8" (1.73 m)
Weight 119.2 lbs (54.1 kg)
Blood type A-
Birth place Brisbane, Australia
Death place Undetermined
Jung Personality Type INTJ
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Sexual/Romantic Preference Homosexual/Aromantic
Occupation * Artist (digital)
Family * Hannah Aleshire (mother)
* Logan Aleshire (father)
* Stacey Eichel (girlfriend, February 14th, 2014 - December 31st, 2016)
* Cameron Fenn (boyfriend, April 2017 - ?)
Likes * Drawing
* Listening to music
* Getting vengeance for grudges
Dislikes * Talking to people
* Being called gay
* His own grudge-holding
Strengths * Kind at heart
* Decent willpower
Weaknesses * Introverted
* Socially awkward
* Tends to hold grudges
* A tad paranoid
Skills * Artwork
* Photo manipulation
* Able to tell when someone is a "good person" (sometimes wrong)
Love Interest(s) * Stacey Eichel (platonic)
* Cameron Fenn (non-platonic)
* Ash Sinclair (non-platonic)
Affiliated with n/a
Date created April 20th, 2017
Appearances No Worries
Ignore the Camera
Our Sick Obsessions
Voice provider iamgoku (2017 - current)


Max was born in Brisbane, Australia, where he spent the first ten years of his life drawing most of the time. His mother worked in real estate, supporting him and his deadbeat drunk gambler of a father. He had a handful of good friends; as a bunch, he referred to them as "his little misfits", as they were the unlikely clique of socially awkward students. It was both exhilarating and sad for him to learn that his parents were moving to America. On one hand, he was sad to leave his friends, on the other, he'd heard good things about America. Maybe a new country would give him a new life, even better than the one he would leave behind.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. After moving to Boston, life continued as it always had. His mother got a new job in the same field, his father's gambling problems intensified. But to make matters worse, now he had no friends. He started high school, and it wasn't until he was 14 years old that he finally made a friend, by accident. Her name was Stacey Eichel, and in his opinion she was the prettiest girl in Boston. They started dating on Valentine's Day of 2014, when he was 16 and she was 17. Their relationship flourished, in all ways but one: he just couldn't bring himself to kiss her, despite her hints and offers. He couldn't explain why, because he could imagine it just fine, but when it came down to actually doing it, he never felt comfortable. Soon Max took up digital art as way to make money, accepting commissions for talents he'd been developing over the years.

In November of 2015, his father stole his credit card and used it to gamble, wasting everything in Max's checking account. That was when he decided he'd had enough; with the money in his saving's account and reluctant financial assistance from his mother, he decided to move out and rented an apartment in a cheap area of Boston. Cheap would up equating to a bad neighborhood, but at least his father wouldn't be able to steal money from him anymore.

On December 31st of 2016, while at a New Year's party with Stacey, he decided to throw away his inhibitions and kiss her for the first time. Unfortunately, during the countdown she broke up with him and disappeared into the crowd, not even giving him a chance to speak for himself. At that moment, he realized that he'd probably never find love, but when given the chance, he opted to remain friends with Stacey. Though, he can't decide whether he regrets the decision or not …


He has messy shoulder-length brown hair, typically parted to his left. Near the middle of his head on his part, he has a small cowlick. His hair has a natural sort of "poof" to it, sticking out around the sides and back of his head in tufts. His bangs hang over the furthest edge of his left eye. He has gray eyes that sometimes, due to their own lack of color, appear to take on the most prevalent colors around him. He usually has dark rings around his eyes due to his warped sleep schedule. For an Australian his porcelain skin is rather pale, pasty even. He's about 5'8" (1.73 m) and weighs around 119.2 lbs (54.1 kg). He's rather scrawny-looking.

Common Attires

Casual outfit 1

Most common attire whilst in Boston.

  • Puffy black coat with brown fur lining around hood (when going outside).
  • Blue zip-up hoodie with grey cuffs, drawstrings, and hood lining.
  • Black baseball t-shirt.
  • Dark pale green shorts (when lounging).
  • Gray jeans (otherwise).
  • Gray sneakers with soft white soles.

Formal outfit

  • Black suit blazer.
  • Red necktie.
  • White dress shirt.
  • Black leather belt with silver buckle.
  • Black dress pants.
  • Black Italian leather dress shoes.
  • Sturdy, silver-colored cane with black handle and tip. Handle is rounded. Merely for show.

Casual outfit 2

Most common attire whilst in Pittsburgh.

  • tbe
  • Sturdy, silver-colored cane with black handle and tip. Handle is rounded. Merely for show.

Casual outfit 3

Most common attire whilst in Switzerland.

  • tbe
  • Sturdy, silver-colored cane with black handle and tip. Handle is rounded. Necessary.

Casual outfit 4

Most common attire whilst in Syracuse.

  • tbe
  • Sturdy, silver-colored cane with black handle and tip. Handle is rounded. Necessary. (?)


Max is anti-social and generally quite bitter/cynical, but at heart he's kind, considerate, and compassionate. Though he likes to be a recluse, he does care deeply for the few friends he has, but due to his general solitude he can sometimes grow to be possessive. He tends to be paranoid of strangers, but feels he knows when to trust one; when to identify a good person. Of course, little did he realize how easily this ability of his could be manipulated.

Important Dates (SPOILERS)

Characters Encountered


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  • He is the artist and voice provider of Bashful Bunny, based off of the novel by Cameron.
  • His least favorite holiday is New Year's Eve/Day, because his ex-girlfriend, Stacey Eichel, dumped him during the countdown to 2017.
  • His safeword is "apple", referencing the Australian term "she'll be apples" ("it'll be all right").
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