Lionel Patefield
lionel-patefield.png Lionel Patefield1 is the estranged twin brother of Dustin Patefield, and also his backup Ruler Eternal.
Lionel Patefield
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Gender Male
Other Names Ruler Eternal
Ex-Ruler Eternal (2023-onwards)
Birthdate October 19th, 1996
Death Date August 16th, 2065 (aged 68)
Hair Color Dark Purple (Black)
Eye Color Brown
Height 6'3" (1.9 m)
Weight lbs ( kg)
Occupation * "Ruler"
Birth place Summit, New Jersey
Death place Venice, Italy
Voice provider Austin Anderson (2015)
Stewart Moyer (2016 - current)
Family * Lilly Ortega (mother)
* Michael Patefield (father)
* Vivian Patefield (aunt/surrogate mother)
* Geoffrey Patefield (brother)
* Dustin Patefield (brother)
* Yinyue Shan (sister-in-law)
* Xiajing Patefield (niece)
* Yuqi Patefield (niece)
* Felix Day (son)
* Queen Martel (daughter-in-law)
* Calix Martel (grandson)
Likes *
Dislikes *
Strengths *
Weaknesses *
Love Interest(s) * Lori Ganivet (non-platonic)
* Jack Kingson (platonic)
* Dylan Cronin (platonic)
Affiliated with n/a
Date created ?
Appearances Moonstricken: Eternal Descent
Justice in Unity (cameo)
Memento Mori




Important Dates (SPOILERS)


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"How can you be so certain of that, Cheshy? You and I both know that the Eclipse Poison makes you do crazy fucking things." - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori


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