Late November

Late November is a comic and a story.

Late November
The cover of the story.
Date started December 20th, 2015 (comic)
December 31st, 2015 (story)
Date first released December 20th, 2015 (comic)
December 31st, 2015 (story)
Last updated February 23rd, 2016 (comic)
May 8th, 2016 (story)
Date completed n/a
Rating Mature
Chapters 4+
Word Count 4806+
Pages (comic) 3+
EPUB/PDF Download Unavailable
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Next in Timeline The Cat and the Dog (2016)


In November of 2016, a string of serial killings is making the residents of Minneapolis paranoid. Lieutenant Abraham Caesar is too loopy for the case and may be running in circles chasing his own tail, so Commissioner Cyrus Fowler assigns Officer Feliz Florence to the case. However, when Feliz is lassoed in by not only the killer but by another criminal, which side will he choose?

Characters (in order of appearance)

abraham-caesar.png Lieutenant Abraham Caesar
Tom Palumbo
aaron-prichard.png Officer Aaron Prichard
feliz-florence.png Officer Feliz Florence
bo-prichard.png Bo Prichard
Commissioner Cyrus Fowler
Peter Groves


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  • Takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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