Koizumi Yamada
koizumi-yamada.png Koizumi Yamada is a strange cat-like boy who has a habit of sneaking onto ships.
Koizumi Yamada
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Gender Male
Other Names Cat Boy
Cat (by Andrew)
Mr. Kitty (by Cate)
山田小泉 (Yamada Koizumi; Japanese)
猫男子 (Neko-danshi; Japanese)
ねこ (Neko; Japanese, by アンドルー)
猫さん (Neko-san; Japanese, by ケート)
化け猫 (Bakeneko; Japanese)
Birthdate February 12th
Death Date October 14th, 2043
Hair Color Jet-black
Eye Color Golden yellow
Height 5'6" (1.68 m)
Weight 112 lbs (50.8 kg)
Blood type AB-
Occupation n/a
Birth place Horei1, Japan
Death place Chicago, Illinois
Voice provider Kiles-the-geek (2016 - current)
Family * Unnamed girl (owner)
* Andrew Price ("owner")
Likes * tbe
Dislikes * Water
Strengths * His cat-like agility
* Kind heart
Weaknesses * Naive
* Lactose-intolerance
Skills * Pretty good at chess, surprisingly
Jung Personality Type ESFP
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Affiliated with n/a
Date created July 2nd, 20132
Appearances Time/Divided
Themes Adel "Skull" Almas - Koizumi's Theme
Jupiter Smith - Don't Cry


Originally a stray cat in Japan, Koizumi was adopted and named by a lonely little girl. The girl was living in a small apartment with her mother and father, the latter of which was abusive, so she did her best to keep the cat a secret. Every day, she would visit Koizumi once or twice, just to calm herself and show the cat love, longing to make something happy, as she failed to make her family happy. However, one day, the girl's father discovered Koizumi and tried to kill him, but the girl fought him. After staying long enough to witness the initial stages of her brutal punishment for secretly keeping a cat in a pet-free apartment that they could already hardly afford, Koizumi fled. How, exactly, he became a human is unknown, but he refers to himself as a "bakeneko", implying that the transformation is due to a desire for revenge, though he feels it's more due to a desire to be happy for his friend, as that's what she would've wanted.

Koizumi implies that he is from the future, and that he's already met Andrew before, but that he has come back in time in order to prevent Andrew's death, and though he refuses to comment on the exact date, he indirectly reveals to Andrew on October 14th of 2043 who the culprit is.


His jet-black hair is messy and shoulder blade-length. He has cat ears with light grey tufts of fur sticking out, and a long cat tail. His eyes are golden yellow in color, and though they're mostly human, the pupils are somewhat cat-like. He has sharp, claw-like nails. He is about 5'6" (1.68 m) and weighs around 112 lbs (50.8 kg). He is scrawny and looks somewhat feminine, especially due to his bold eyelashes.

Color Palette

Representative Color #56BCD3
Hair, Eyebrows, Ear Tufts #242424 #090909 #CBCBCB
Skin, Lips #E9D4B4 #D9BDA4
Irises, Sclerae #F6DE42 #F6F5F0

Common Attires

Casual outfit

  • Tiny dark cerulean cat collar with a dark pastel blue bell (not worn, but rather kept in coat pocket).
  • Black coat with gray pinstripe pattern.
  • White gloves.
  • Dual cyan belts with teal blue zigzag pattern, attached to sides of slacks with silver clips.
  • White slacks.
  • White boots with black soles.

Color Palette

Collar #3E4877 #84A8D8
Coat #232323 #4A4A4A
Gloves #ECECEC
Belts #ABEFFE #247689 #D8D8D8
Slacks #ECECEC
Boots #D8D8D8 #121212


Koizumi is friendly and outgoing to all. He's somewhat naive, as he's still a bit clueless on many human topics and the darker side of human nature. He's very loyal, specifically to Andrew. He seems to believe that everyone is good, and he dislikes no one except for those who harm his friends.

Important Dates (SPOILERS)

Characters Encountered


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  • His breed is Russian Black.
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