Klaus Fleischer

Dr. Nikolaus Fleischer is a quiet plague doctor.

Klaus Fleischer
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Gender Male
Other Names Klaus (preferred to his full given name)
Birthdate ~1637
Death Date Undetermined
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Pale dark blue
Height 5'6" (1.68 m)
Weight tbe lbs (tbe kg)
Blood type Unknown (tbe)
Occupation * Plague doctor
Birth place Germany
Death place Undetermined
Voice provider n/a
Family Unknown
Likes * Paschal's jokes
* Germ theory (but doesn't understand it …)
Dislikes * Lack of hygiene
* False pity
* Being a burden
* Putting others at risk
Strengths * Disciplined
* Intelligent
Weaknesses * Shy
* Antisocial
* Pessimistic
Skills * Basic (medieval) medical knowledge
* Decent understanding of miasma theory
* Able to recognize symptoms and signs of the plague
Love Interest(s) n/a
Affiliated with 3rd Earl of Devonshire
Date created June 1st, 2017
Appearances Candlelit Silence


Klaus is from Germany, where he studied medicine for a short time. Not much of his backstory is known, including why he left Germany to live in Devonshire. He has been employed by Lord Devonshire to work in London, which has lost its only plague doctor. First, he must get to London from Exeter, where he has lived for the past month.


He's usually wearing a full plague doctor costume. As such, his attire is as follows:

  • White bird mask with glass lens-covered eye-holes (slightly longer beak than average).
  • Black wide-brimmed leather hat (brim sags a little bit on left-hand side).
  • Slender brown cane (for gesturing/manipulating objects).
  • Brown bag slung over either shoulder (more often left).
  • Black leather gloves.
  • Black full-length leather boots.
  • Thick black neck-to-ankle leather overcoat.
  • Thin white shirt.
  • Thin black leather leggings.


Klaus is very quiet. He rarely speaks, and often opts to using his cane to gesture when necessary. He's rarely out of his work costume. From what little can be told by his body language, he seems to be cool and collected at almost all times. He seems agitated when unable to maintain his personal hygiene, though, or when forced to linger around non-plagued people with poor hygiene. Unknown to most people, he is very depressed.

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