Justice in Unity: Redux

Justice in Unity: Redux is a game made with RPG Maker VX Ace, remake of Justice in Unity, that follows the story of Det. Elliot Mortensen.

Justice in Unity: Redux
The cover art of Justice in Unity: Redux.
Other names ジャスティス・イン・ユニティー~また起きて~ (Japanese)
Date started March 13th, 2017 (hiatus-ed, then officially resumed April 7th, 2018)
Date first released n/a
Date completed n/a
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Composer(s) tentaclepotatodroid
Charlie Paul
Hayden Graves
E.L. Music (Elisha Leenders)
Noëlle McHenry
Engine(s) RPG Maker VX Ace
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Languages English
French (incomplete)
German (incomplete)
Portuguese (incomplete)
Translators Aurore Gautheur (French)
Melle Teich (German)
André Luiz (Portuguese)
Assistant Writers Melle Teich
Versions 0.0 [Private playtesting copy]
0.1 [Private playtesting copy, presently unreleased]
Rating Mature
Download n/a
(Latest) Official Longplay n/a
Previous in Timeline Shiver (1994)
Next in Timeline Moonstricken: Eternal Descent (2010)

The game will be available for computers running Windows.


Justice in Unity: Redux is the resurrection of an older project of mine, called simply Justice in Unity. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace, but less of an RPG and more of an interactive story with some sleuthing to be done, JiU: Re stars French-American Det. Elliot Mortensen, a man plagued by his own inner demons (which can be in/directly controlled by the player) and an overwhelming fear of the dark. As the story unfolds, the player watches as their choices either make or break Elliot's relationships, friendships, and sanity.

Despite being made in VX Ace, JiU: Re features a lot of resources from RPG Maker XP, including pieces of tilesets and edits of sprites made by Sithjester and Mack, among others. The game also features various scripts, such as ones by MOG, Khas, and Yanfly, including a few somewhat-heavily modified with custom traits. Mainly, the story is progressed by completing cases, of which there will be many.

Cast & Characters (in order of appearance)

Part One: Light of My Life

elliot-mortensen.png tbe as Det. Elliot Mortensen
emilie-mortensen.png Robyn Rybnik as Émilie Mortensen
simon-callahan.png Mike Kaminski as Lt. Simon Callahan
mme-bellamy.png Phoenix Emrys as Supt. Tanya Bellamy
dr-laurent.png Abigail Wahl as Dr. K. Laurent
Dominic Walker as Dr. Nicolas
Steve McGrath as Dr. Daniau
Cari Scholtens as Charlotte Callahan
Sarah Adela as Gaëlle Callahan
Kyle Donelan as Front Desk Clerk
maci-leblonne.png kiwiTee as Maci Leblonne
Mr. Miscellaneous as Luis Bouchard
Mr. Miscellaneous as Maître D'
tbe as Léonard Sauveterre
malachy.png Joshua L. Belmonte as Malachy
Lauren Collis as Receptionist
Stanley Swanson as The Cook
Troy Fasig Jr. as The Sous-Cook
Dylan Cronin as Stuart Shitbird
Xander Phillips as Sir Henry Cockburn
Jack Porteous as Sam DeGarmo
Courtney Grace as Alice LeBlanc
Xander Phillips as Casimir Winslow
Elissa Park as Renée Favreau
Kyle Donelan as Joël Caron
Alexa Erdogan as Élisabeth Gros
Jonathon Bradley as Claude Fabron
Silvia Strambi as Lorette Bourdillon
Emily Wylie as Marceline Bonhomme
Alex Kelley as Alexandre Lestrange
n/a as Marie Lémieux
Aurore Gautheur as Answering Machine
Courtney Grace as Elaine Bellerose
John Doyle as Marcelin Desrosiers
Alex Greenslade as Matthias Duval
Andy Yuengert as Hazzan
n/a as Fortune Teller
Aurore Gautheur as Héloïse Callahan
n/a as Stéphane Callahan
frank-callahan.png Stephen Shepherd as Frank Callahan
tbe as Extras

Part Two: A Game of Trust

tbe as George Cheshire
tbe as Lorraine Cheshire
tbe as Dr. A. Mikkelsen
dr-cheshire.png J.P. Hagen as Dr. M. Cheshire
Anthony Fleece as Oliver Roarke
camille-cheshire.png n/a as Camille Cheshire
dr-cheshire.png J.P. Hagen as Mockingbird

Part Three: Flickering Candle

miles-quinlan.png Lewis Thompson as Det. Miles Quinlan
melissa-voclain.png tbe as Melissa Voclain

Part Four: The Taste of Poison

collin-locklear.png David Figueroa as Collin Locklear
tbe as Lizabeth Jasper
tbe as Roger Jasper
tbe as Kurtis Abel
russell-southwell.png Stephen Shepherd as Agent Russell Southwell
terrence-lyndon.png Anthony Fleece as Agent Terrence Lyndon
apryl-knowlton.png tbe as Apryl Knowlton
mr-ragsdale.png David Figueroa as Mr. Noël Ragsdale
julie-carmine.png Rose Copper as Julie Carmine
feliz-florence.png tbe as Officer Feliz Florence

Part Five: In the Dark

jack-kingson.png tbe as Jack Kingson
lionel-patefield.png tbe as Dustin "Ruler Eternal" Patefield
dallas-calhoon.png tbe as Dr. Dallas Calhoon
benedikt-wolff.png tbe as Prof. Benedikt Wolff
jeremy-faucheux.png Dale Ogden as Dr. Jeremy Faucheux
sam-emmerson.png tbe as Research Scientist Sam Emmerson
christopher-mencher.png James Larabee as Prof. Chris Mencher
dashiel-vance.png Wes Haas as Dashiel "Spades" Vance
tbe as John Doe
elliot-mortensen.png James Bryce as Stork 204


The Case of the Poisoned Diner

The Case of the Disappearing Act

The Case of the Royal Flush

The Case of the Garden of Angels

The Case of the Obsessive Valentine

The Case of the Watchful Shadows

The Case of the Twins' Bond

Update Log

!! = Breaks older saves


November 2018

October 2018

September 2018

August 2018

July 2018

June 2018

May 2018

April 2018


April 2018

March 2017


Concept Arts

Soundtrack Credit List (in order of use)

Blue County Line - The Making of a Memory

tentaclepotatodroid - Unity #1

tentaclepotatodroid - Idle Unity

Charlie Paul - The Shadows That Follow

Charlie Paul - Detective Noire

Charlie Paul - Upbeat Justice

E.L. Music (Elisha Leenders) - The Forest

Noëlle McHenry - Waltz of the Flowers (sequenced by R.J. Stratton, mixed by Charlie Paul)

J0KRR - A Lidless Night

Charlie Paul - Shrouded Innocence

Ardigyy - Sweet Malice

J0KRR - Somber Strings

Charlie Paul - Hold 'Em Close

Charlie Paul - Le Jardin des Anges

Charlie Paul - Callahan

Ardigyy - Which Abyss?

Charlie Paul - Callahan's Regrets

Charlie Paul - A Harsh Goodbye

Charlie Paul - Past Innocence

Charlie Paul - Elliot's Past

Charlie Paul - Fortune Teller (Neutral)

Charlie Paul - Fortune Teller (Good)

Charlie Paul - Fortune Teller (Bad)


Hayden Graves - A Game of Trust

Hayden Graves - Flickering Candle

E.L. Music (Elisha Leenders) - The Serpant's City

Charlie Paul - Callahan's Redemption

Hayden Graves - The Taste of Poison

Hayden Graves - In the Dark


Blue County Line - Here I Am

Blue County Line - The Reasons Why

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