Justice in Unity

Justice in Unity is a game made with RPG Maker VX Ace that follows the story of Detective Elliot Mortensen.

Justice in Unity
The cover art of Justice in Unity.
Justice in Unity's icon.
Other names Katarungan sa Pagkakaisa (Filipino)
Date started December 24th, 2014 (RPG)
September 14th, 2015 (VN, scrapped)
Date first released May 9th, 2015 (first demo, RPG)
March 28th, 2016 (Version 1, RPG)
Date completed March 28th, 2016 (final released update)
Sound Design assistant Jan Hajšen (of tentaclepotatodroid)
Composer(s) tentaclepotatodroid
Noëlle McHenry
Engine(s) RPG Maker VX Ace
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Languages English
Filipino (unfinished, scrapped)
French (unfinished, scrapped)
Versions 1.2.0 [Unreleased]
1.1.2 [Unreleased]
Rating Teen
Download IndieDB (Archived)
(Latest) Official Longplay Version 1.1.2 (Unreleased)
Part 1 (2:20:12)
Part 2 (13:52)
Part 3 (Ending C (Short)) (1:24:01)
Ending A (Canon) (19:00)
Ending B (Full) (11:39)
Ending C (Full) (11:23)
Ending D (Variant A) (3:39)
Ending E (8:50)
Ending F (10:38)
Ending G (7:27)
Ending I (5:59)
Ending J (11:20, SPOILER)
Ending... K??? (3:24)
Previous in Timeline Dear Alice (2011)
Next in Timeline At Its Core (2013)

The game is available for computers running Windows. A remake is being made under the name of Justice in Unity: Redux.


The story of a lone-wolf French Detective, Elliot Mortensen, and his life after having a partner forced onto him. Starts out as a comedy and ends in tragedy, so to speak.

Characters (in order of appearance)


The Case of The Freaky Ferretman

The Case of The Cryptic Messages

The Case of The Mall Mystery

The Case of The Holy Sacrifice

The Case of The Abrupt Betrayal

The Case of The Trainride Slayer

The Case of The Fleeing Teacher

The Case of The Broken Mirror

The Case of The Flooded Cavern

The Case of The Cursed Station

The Case of The Pond of Madness

The Case of The Escaped Convict

The Case of The Crimson Suicide

The Case of The Fallen Sleuth

The Case of The Big Bad Wolff

Update Log





Concept Arts

Trophy List

A list of all GameJolt trophies that were achievable at the time of the game's release. As Justice in Unity: Redux took over this game's GameJolt page, these trophies no longer exist.







Soundtrack Credit List (in order of use)

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