Justice in Unity

Justice in Unity is a game made with RPG Maker VX Ace that follows the story of Detective Elliot Mortensen.

Justice in Unity
The cover art of Justice in Unity.
Other names Katarungan sa Pagkakaisa (Filipino)
Date started December 24th, 2014 (RPG)
September 14th, 2015 (VN, scrapped)
Date first released May 9th, 2015 (first demo, RPG)
March 28th, 2016 (Version 1, RPG)
Date completed TBE
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Sound Design assistant Jan Hajšen (of tentaclepotatodroid)
Composer(s) tentaclepotatodroid
Noëlle McHenry
Engine(s) RPG Maker VX Ace
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Languages English, Filipino1, French2
Versions 1.2.0 [Presently unreleased]
1.1.2 [Unreleased]
Rating Teen
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(Latest) Official Longplay Version 1.1.2 (Unreleased)
Part 1 (2:20:12)
Part 2 (13:52)
Part 3 (Ending C (Short)) (1:24:01)
Ending A (Canon) (19:00)
Ending B (Full) (11:39)
Ending C (Full) (11:23)
Ending D (Variant A) (3:39)
Ending E (8:50)
Ending F (10:38)
Ending G (7:27)
Ending I (5:59)
Ending J (11:20, SPOILER)
Ending... K??? (3:24)
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The game is available for computers running Windows.


The story of a lone-wolf French Detective, Elliot Mortensen, and his life after having a partner forced onto him. Starts out as a comedy and ends in tragedy, so to speak.

Characters (in order of appearance)

simon-callahan.png Inspector General Simon Callahan | Played by Mike Kaminski
frank-callahan.png Inspector General Frank Callahan | Played by Stephen Shepherd
elliot-mortensen.png Detective Elliot Mortensen | Played by Kim Lynch
miles-quinlan.png Detective Miles Quinlan | Played by Trey Silver
mrs-bellamy.png Commissioner Tanya Bellamy | Played by Phoenix Emrys
maci-leblonne.png Maci Leblonne | Played by gamecatt
melissa-voclain.png Melissa Voclain | Played by Megumi Hamasaki
mattieu-malachy-delacroix.png Malachy | Played by Cody Hart
dark.png D.A.R.K. | Played by Kim Lynch, Harrison Shoaf, Jason Lunn, and Ryan Wise
dawn-blanchett.png Dawn Blanchett (cameo)
sophia-cato.png Sophia Cato (cameo)
mr-ragsdale.png Mr. Ragsdale | Played by David Figueroa
collin-locklear.png Collin Locklear (cameo) | Played by David Figueroa
dr-cheshire.png Dr. Cheshire | Played by J.P. Hagen
julie-carmine.png Julie Carmine (cameo) | Played by Rose Copper
jack-kingson.png Jack Kingson (cameo) | Played by Brandon Borel
sherrie-lowe.png Sherrie Lowe (cameo)
lionel-patefield.png Lionel "Ruler Eternal" Patefield (cameo) | Played by Austin Anderson
emilie-mortensen.png Emilie Mortensen | Played by Robin Rybnik
feliz-florence.png Officer Feliz Florence | Played by J.P. Hagen
camille-cheshire.png C.R.I.M.S.O.N. | Played by Jamy Catalyst, and Noëlle McHenry
dallas-calhoon.png Dr. Dallas Calhoon | Played by Vinny Trolia
russell-southwell.png Agent Russell Southwell | Played by Stephen Shepherd
calvin-mortensen.png Calvin Mortensen (referenced)
benedikt-wolff.png Prof. Wolff | Played by Thomas Hufstetler
linda-kyles.png Dr. Kyles | Played by Corinne Sudberg
jeremy-faucheux.png Dr. Faucheux | Played by Dale Ogden
sam-emmerson.png Research Scientist Emmerson | Played by Nick Raines
christopher-mencher.png Prof. Mencher | Played by James Larabee
terrence-lyndon.png Agent Terrence Lyndon (cameo) | Played by Connor Slaten
dashiel-vance.png Dashiel "Spades" Vance (cameo) | Played by Wes Haas
mike-mcatten.png Mike "Attention" McAtten (cameo) | Played by J.P. Hagen
jack-coman.png Jack A. "Psycho" Coman (cameo) | Played by Cedric Houle
hualan-shan.png Hualan Shan | Played by Abby "Night" Wilson
jacqlyn-brown.png Jacqlyn Brown (cameo) | Played by Noëlle McHenry


The Case of The Freaky Ferretman

The Case of The Cryptic Messages

The Case of The Mall Mystery

The Case of The Holy Sacrifice

The Case of The Abrupt Betrayal

The Case of The Trainride Slayer

The Case of The Fleeing Teacher

The Case of The Broken Mirror

The Case of The Flooded Cavern

The Case of The Cursed Station

The Case of The Pond of Madness

The Case of The Escaped Convict

The Case of The Crimson Suicide

The Case of The Fallen Sleuth

The Case of The Big Bad Wolff

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Soundtrack Credit List (in order of use)

tentaclepotatodroid - Unity #1

Pleasant Companion (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Dance Party of Blessing (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Happy Bustle (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Pleasant Travel (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Enemy's Territory (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

RPG2_28 (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

RPG1_11 (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Noëlle McHenry - Malachy

Noëlle McHenry - It's Been An Honor, Detective

RPG1_21 (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

RPG1_26 (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Quad City DJ's - Space Jam

RPG1_19 (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

RPG1_07 (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Takahisa Hirano & Takeshi Miura - Track 10 (from Alice's Paint Adventure [Nintendo Super Famicon])

Akira Yamaoka - Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me (from Silent Hill 3 [Sony Playstation 2])

Akira Yamaoka - Theme of Laura (Reprise) (from Silent Hill 2 [Sony Playstation 2])

Josh Mancell - Heavy Machinery, Castle Machinery (from Crash Bandicoot [Sony Playstation])

Noëlle McHenry - ELLIOT

Takeshi Miura, Hijiri Anze, & Sanae Kasahara - Theme of Alexia Type 1 (from Resident Evil: Code Veronica [Sega Dreamcast])

Jesper Kyd - BNK-3R Boss (from Borderlands 2 [Microsoft Windows])

Fight in Castle (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Akira Yamaoka - Promise (Reprise) (from Silent Hill 2 [Sony Playstation 2])

Koji "Cozy" Kubo - Hall of Loneliness (from Clock Tower 3 [Sony Playstation 2])

Ardigyy - Sweet Malice

Arseniiv - hg musicbox

Noëlle McHenry - welcome to nightmares

Jesper Kyd - Wildlife Exploitation Preserve (Ambient) (from Borderlands 2 [Microsoft Windows])

The Road Ahead (from an Enterbrain resource back)

Grant Kirkhope - OrangSprint (from Donkey Kong 64 [Nintendo 64])

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Bosses (from Seek and Destroy [Sony Playstation 2])

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The World Above of Mercy (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Thinks Backward (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Franz Xaver Gruber - Silent Night (MIDI by ?)

The Chordettes - Mr. Sandman (MIDI by Kauai Style)

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RPG1_24 (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

蘇る悪夢 (Reviving Nightmare) (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

First Battle (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

明かされた真実 (Revealed Truth) (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

Koji "Cozy" Kubo - Sinking Memories (from Clock Tower 3 [Sony Playstation 2])

Noëlle McHenry - The Dark

Koji "Cozy" Kubo - At The Grave (from Clock Tower 3 [Sony Playstation 2])

David Moleon - San Salvador (Original Mix)

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Noëlle McHenry - Mentally Unstable

??? - Toreador

Intrigue (from an Enterbrain resource pack)

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