Jacqlyn Brown
jacqlyn-brown.png Jacqlyn Brown is a brutally honest and cynical woman. Wife of Dylan Cronin.
Jacqlyn Brown
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Gender Female
Other Names Jacq or Dear (by Dylan)
Birthdate January 9th, 1998
Death Date x (aged x)
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Pale Blue
Height 5'6" (1.68 m)
Weight 112 lbs ( kg)
Occupation n/a
Birth place Canada
Death place New Jersey
Voice provider Noƫlle McHenry (2016 - current)
Family * Dylan Cronin (husband)
* Ellanor Cronin (daughter)
* Andrew Wells (son-in-law, deceased)
* Alex Wells (grandson)
Likes * Stating her opinion
Dislikes * "Good Samaritans"
Strengths * Wry humor
Weaknesses * Doesn't really know how to express positive emotions
Love Interest(s) n/a
Affiliated with n/a
Date created ?
Appearances Moonstricken: Eternal Descent
Justice in Unity (alternate timeline, cameo)




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"[DYLAN]'S TOO DAMN FRIENDLY. I HATE FRIENDLY." - Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"Wait and see." - Moonstricken: Eternal Descent


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