Jack Kingson
jack-kingson.png Jack Odin Kingson is an intelligent young man with an unspoken debt to Ruler Eternal.
Jack Kingson
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Gender Male
Other Names Wacky Jacky (by Sherrie)
木家雀郎 (Kiie Jakurou; Japanese)
Birthdate April 9th, 1996
Death Date May 23rd, 2023 (aged 27)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Height 5'9" (1.75 m)
Weight 132 lbs (60 kg)
Occupation n/a
Birth place Summit, New Jersey
Death place Summit, New Jersey
Voice provider Brandon Borel (2015 - current)
Family * Martha Boyd (mother)
* Kenneth Kingson (father)
* Sherrie Lowe (fiancée)
Likes * Sharing his knowledge with someone who can understand him
Dislikes * Ignorant people
Strengths * Perceptive
Weaknesses *
Skills *
Love Interest(s) * Dustin Patefield (platonic)
* Sherrie Lowe (non-platonic)
Affiliated with n/a
Date created ?
Appearances Moonstricken: Eternal Descent
Memento Mori
Justice in Unity (cameo)


Jack has always suffered from a lack of emotional attachment to people. Be it towards his own parents, to his friends as a child, to his friends in high school, and even to his own fiancée. He simply can’t find the ability to emphasize with anyone… with the exception of Dustin Patefield.

Despite a relatively normal upbringing, Jack cares little about being social or kind, and would much rather prefer spreading his knowledge to those who will listen… and sometimes even to those who won’t. Because of this, most people can’t tolerate him, as they feel like he’s a pretentious little shit. However, most people fail to realize that Jack is incredibly loyal to those who do tolerate him. He would even give his life for them in a heartbeat; not because he really cares about them, but because he needs them.

In the case of Dustin Patefield, Jack has always felt a friendly familiarity from him; almost as if they were meant to be as one and the same. As of late 2019, Jack feels guilty about not being around for Dustin before he snapped, as he feels like he has a debt to pay back for all the times he leaned on Dustin’s shoulder without realizing the boy was tipping over the edge of sanity into the depths of madness…



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"I think my words are much better said than written. When they're written, it's harder to tell their tone, and it just sort of makes me sound like an idiot." - Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"Why should I shut up? I'm talking to a friend of mine. I have a right to talk to my friend." - Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"Is it because you know that if you aren't friends with [David] that he'll have no one else to turn to, and you feel sorry for him because of that and you lay it upon yourself to be his only friend?" - Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"Women, am I right?" - Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"[Dustin, i]f you ever need me to do anything for you[, j]ust give me a kiss or an apple." - Moonstricken: Eternal Descent


  • His favorite color is forest green.
  • His favorite animal is the eagle.
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