Ignore the Camera

Ignore the Camera is a fictional suspense novella set in Pittsburgh about two streamers who make a fatal mistake. Fourth story in the Bashful series.

Ignore the Camera
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Date started January 4th, 2017
January 15th, 2018 (Second Edition)
Date first released January 30th, 2017
Date last updated January 27th, 2018 (12: Trust)
Date completed May 19th, 2017
tba (Second Edition)
Rating Explicit
Chapters 12
Word Count 34954
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Val Kozel wants people to know him. That's why he started vlogging and doing live speed-runs. Working alongside best friend and fellow streamer, August, he works toward internet fame. It finally looks like his efforts won't be in vain; his speed-running is helping him build a name for himself. He couldn't be happier.

For an early Halloween event, he and August take a request to play a seemingly childish indie game, known for the disappearances of its previous players. The only reason they accept is to debunk the rumors once and for all. What they don't realize is that might be easier said than done.

Soon enough, Val regrets even having downloaded the game in the first place. In a matter of days, life as he knew it has fallen apart before his eyes. In fact, it might be about to end. Alas, his viewers are oblivious to his horror. Because it's Halloween, they all think it's no more than a dramatized event …

A fictional suspense novella by Noƫlle McHenry about two streamers who make a fatal mistake.

Characters (in order of appearance)

Val "Valcupine" Kozel (First appearance: 1: Recommendation)
august-lund.png August "KasGaming" Lund (First appearance: 1: Recommendation)
Bashful Bunny (First appearance: 2: Adventure)
Max Aleshire (First appearance: 6: Encounter)
Cameron Fenn (First appearance: 6: Encounter)


1: Recommendation

2: Adventure

3: Questions

4: Memories

5: Lure

6: Encounter

7: Denial

8: Setup

9: Restraint

10: Wine

11: Blood

12: Trust

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  • Takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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