Gilbert Pudget

Station Detective-Sergeant Gilbert Pudget is the partner of Station Detective-Inspector Alexander Nels. A jealous man with a stubborn aspiration about him.

Gilbert Pudget
CharaHub profile
Gender Male
Other Names Gil
Birthdate August 5th, 1890
Death Date Unknown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'7" (1.7 m)
Weight 161 lbs (73 kg)
Occupation * Station Detective-Sergeant
Birth place Scotland
Death place Undetermined
Voice provider Bryn Park (2015 - current)
Family Unknown
Likes * Getting what he wants
* Money
Dislikes * Cats
* Kids
Strengths * Manipulating others
Weaknesses * Becomes jealous easily
Skills *
Love Interest(s) * Carmilla Gentry (non-platonic)
Affiliated with Gloucestershire Constabulary
Date created ?
Appearances Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw


Pudget has been trying and trying to earn a promotion to the rank of Station Detective-Inspector, be it by lying and making crimes himself. However, even after setting Nels up for failure, the promotion still fell upon the other man's shoulders, leaving Pudget fuming and scheming away.


Upper neck-length stringy dark brown hair. A dark brown moustache that droops down the sides of his mouth, with plump eyebrows. Moderately sized pale pink lips. Wrinkles at the outer corners of his eyes, his forehead, under his eyes, and down the sides of his mouth. Brown eyes.
About 5'7", weighing around 161 pounds. (170 cm, 73 kg)
Not very muscular.


Manipulative and deceitful, though only if he desires something that he believes to be otherwise out of his reach. When not determined to get what he wants, he can actually be rather kind, caring about those around him like no other (if they're on his good side).
He's rather intelligent, figuring out quickly how to wrap himself around someone's head in order to trick them.

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