flynn-damore-beta.png Flynn (Japanese: フリン Furin) is the first functioning android utilizing a neural net processor and artificial intelligence, created by Marigold Intelligence.
Flynn D'Amore
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Gender Male
Other Names Carmine (also responds to)
Peafowl, Peacock (codename)
Flynn D'Amore 0, Flynn 0
FERN 1-12, FERN 1-12, Marigold Fern 1.284.3-id12 (model identifier)
カーマイン (Kāmain; Japanese, 異名)
Race White
Nationality American
Birthdate December 12th, 2021 (♐)
Death Date 2028
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Lavender/Purple
Height 5'11" (1.8 m)
Weight > 1000 lbs (> 453.6 kg)
Approx. Measurements Chest: 39"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 39"
Wears Size M clothing
Blood Type n/a1
Birth place Sandusky, Ohio
Death place Marigold Point Echium
Jung Personality Type n/a
Alignment Neutral Evil
Sexual/Romantic Preference Undetermined/Undetermined
Occupation n/a
Family * Russell Southwell (creator, code)
* Daniel Bennett (creator, body)
* Carmine (predecessor/basis)
* Terrence Lyndon (basis for body)
Likes * Murder (?)
Dislikes * Humans in general
Strengths * Doesn't seem capable of feeling negative emotions
* Able to lift rather heavy objects, despite not seeming very muscular
Weaknesses * Low emotional intelligence
* Doesn't seem capable of feeling positive emotions
* Seems to lack any sense of right and wrong
Skills * Good with computers
* Ruthless in combat
Love Interest(s) n/a
Affiliated with Marigold Intelligence
Date created December 20th, 2017
Appearances tbe
Voice provider Anthony Fleece (2017 - current)

Not to be mistaken with his alternate versions, Flynn D'Amore (α), Flynn D'Amore (β), and Flynn D'Amore (ω).




His hair is shoulder-length, café noir in color, and generally parted in the middle. His bangs tend to swing upward and outward at the sides of his head in some sort of fan-esque style. The back of his hair nestles toward his neck before curving into an outward curl, similarly to his bangs. His eyes are a vibrant, Grape-ish purple and tend to give off a faint glow in dark lighting (though he can make the glow more vivid at will). He has a soft-ish jawline, but a moderately wide chin. His eyebrows are a bit straighter than is typical. Behind his right ear, hidden behind hair, he has an access port that can be used by a few USB-based devices. He's about 5'10" (1.8 m) and weighs somewhere over 1000 lbs. (453.6 kg). He is toned, but not necessarily muscular.

Defining Features

  • Access port that can be used by a few USB-based devices, behind his right ear, hidden behind hair.
  • Tattoo of a fern stem on the nape of his neck.

Color Palette

Representative Color #7B3BAD
Hair, Eyebrows #4A3618 #2A1500
Skin, Lips #F3E9D3 #EFDACB
Irises, Sclerae #7B3BAD #F6F3F9

Common Attires


  • tbe


The only semblance of personality that Flynn seems to have is a need to seek enjoyment. He particularly enjoys picking off humans.

Important Dates

Characters Encountered


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  • His appearance is based off of Terrence Lyndon, though he is an inch shorter.
  • Though his surname should be pronounced "dah-mohr", he pronounces it "dee-ah-mohr". He has no preference over which pronunciation is used, though, and will respond to either. The reasoning for his pronunciation lies within the trend of English text-to-speech voices to read the "D'" as if it's separate from "Amore", due to the apostrophe (?).
  • The base samples for his voice were provided (for Carmine, reluctantly) by Terrence Lyndon, before his disappearance in 2014.
  • He operates on a quantum-computing-based system, but doesn't seem to be very well optimized to it, perhaps due to his origin as a Java-based Windows app. On top of this, he has other issues preventing him from being the best android to come out of Marigold Intelligence:
    • He is prone to overheating if exposed to humid summer temperatures.
    • He consciously avoids areas with strong magnetic forces as, at the very least, passing through these would cause him to shut down until moved away.
    • He is waterproof and can swim, but is so heavy that he would ultimately just wind up sinking anyway.
  • Due to being made with a titanium frame, despite his slenderness he can lift the typical automobile with relative ease.
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