Elliot Mortensen (Quotes)

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"The day [Peaches & Cream Diner's] sign isn't lit up is the day I die." - Justice in Unity

"Doing little things with my free time… Well, it just reminds me of… times I'd rather forget." - Justice in Unity

"You have to learn to expect the unexpected from me, Quinlan. In fact, if you ask Simon to describe me, he may describe someone completely different." - Justice in Unity

"But the second I put my foot in that fucking sandpit of a 'playground'… The bells started to toll again. It was almost as if they were calling me home… and welcoming me back." - Justice in Unity

"Listen, I'm a Detective. My name is Mortensen. Elliot Mortensen. Now, if you just put that axe down, I'll help you. No one else needs to get hurt." - Justice in Unity

"Why should I? I'm not crazy, Simon. I'm fine on my own, anyway…" - Justice in Unity

"I mean, what the hell am I supposed to say to something like that? How am I supposed to keep on telling myself I’m happy when she throws reality in my face? How am I supposed to keep convincing myself that I’m happy when I’m reminded that I have to convince myself that I’m happy?" - Justice in Unity

"Simon, I'm happy. I'm as happy as I know how to be. Even if I'm telling myself a lie, I'm happy. Even if everyone leaves me, I still have it, so I'm happy." - Justice in Unity

"I'm no quitter, Simon. You know that. Being a detective is all I have left." - Justice in Unity

"Trust me. If I was going to let myself go insane, I'd have done so years ago." - Justice in Unity

"Malachy… Why can't you just be a good guy? Is it because of me? Dammit… I just wish you hadn't pushed me away, because… I really want to forgive you." - Justice in Unity

"Don't you dare die here, kid. I don't need two people dying because of my occupation… Being in my nightmares wouldn't suit you." - Justice in Unity

"Hello, mother. Long time no see. You have no idea how hard it is not to spit on you right now." - Justice in Unity

"Miles wasn't out for blood… but I am! PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR MY WRATH!" - Justice in Unity

"She was my wife. She was the love of my life. Yet, sitting there staring at my hands, if I didn’t know any better I could’ve said I’d killed her." - She Was My Wife

"I was happy to let Miles leave. The further he was from me, the safer he’d be, I thought. I could handle being alone; I’d been raised lonely." - She Was My Wife

"I blame Noël Ragsdale. I promise you, all of you, I will do everything in my power to see that Miles Quinlan is brought to justice, unlike Emilie." - She Was My Wife

"[Elliot Mortensen]'s off brooding in the corner about how he could've done something more. He's not taking messages at the moment." - Justice in Unity

"I understand, but Cheshire stepped back after Ragsdale. I can't just force him to get involved." - Justice in Unity

"Miles, can you hear me, wherever you are? I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. […] It's just not the same without you, kid. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. […] Rest in peace, old friend. Happy Birthday." - Justice in Unity

"You're not my Emilie… You'll never be my Emilie… even though you look just like her. […] I think it's time for me to move on. The present is more important than the past, wouldn't you say, Cheshire?" - Justice in Unity

"Whatever you're going through? It'll get better. You've got the rest of your life to look forward to, and you've got something a lot of people don't waiting for you just outside." - Justice in Unity

"What, so I was supposed to let you die just so I could live? I'm sad to say that's not entirely like me, Cheshire." - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"There's a note in her pocket… Technically, I probably shouldn't touch it, but… to hell with the integrity of the crime scene. Nothing here anyway." - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"Wh-what? Cheshire, involved in something like this? That's silly. He's innocent." - Justice in Unity

"I want this fucker caught asap. I'm not going to push aside what's best for the case just because you've got a bad history with someone. Get over it. If you want to argue with me, then let's have a domestic back at my place. But out here? I'm the Detective. It's my call. I want this criminal out of my life." - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"Someone I know I can trust? You? I can't trust you for shit, Cheshire! Every single goddamned thing you do is fucking suspicious!" - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"It wants me. It's always wanted me. I don't know for what but it wants me and fuck if I'm not horrified." - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"Two-faced… Am I two-faced? I mean, I am keeping what I know secret, but… I-I'm not 'two-faced' for that, am I…?" - Justice in Unity

"Oh God, he's going to say it, isn't he? Boy, oh, boy… Breathe, Elliot. I wonder if I'll even be able to hear him say it over my pounding heart, heh." - Justice in Unity

"If only you knew, Cheshire… What's more unbelievable? Your supposed immortality, or my personal connection to this case?" - Justice in Unity

"What is it? Why are you all staring at me like that? You don't really think that just because you pulled a Cinderella on me that I'm the killer, do you?" - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"Take me to it. If he thinks like me as much as he looks like me, I should be able to find you some more evidence." - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"[How is t]he card here? I haven't the slightest. I know it's him, though… He looks just like me, this… Charlot guy." - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"I've never cared about saving lives. Saving lives just happens to be a big part of my job." - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"The killer looks just like me, Cheshire. What if I'm the killer? What if I hurt you eventually? I wouldn't be able to live with myself!" - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"Don't you dare do this to me. Don't you dare tell me you're 'fond of me' and then immediately leave me. We're sticking together, Cheshire!" - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"I couldn't let her go, and in the end, she lived longer than she should've… but she was suffering because of me…" - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

"Goodnight, Mordecai…" - Justice in Unity, Memento Mori

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