Eclipse Potion

Eclipse Poison is a substance that was created in 1846 by Dr. M. Cheshire using Belsease. It caused the Eclipse Genocide.

Eclipse Potion
Other names エクリプス・ポーション (Ekuripusu Pōshon; Japanese)
Crimson Cove Sample # 373.1
Crimson Cove Staff in Charge Dr. J. Faucheux
Risk Codes R48/20/21/22, R33, R39/23/25, R28, R32, R46, R48/23/25, R50, R61, R64
Safety Codes S1/2, S4, S7, S13, S23, S27, S29/35, S38, S45, S46, S53, S61, S62
Hazard Codes H300, H312, H331, H361, H362, H371, H373, H400, H413, EUH032, EUH401
Precautionary Codes P102, P201, P222, P233, P260, P263, P273, P301+310+331, P303+361+353, P304+312
Appearance Liquid. Viscous light blue (cyan). Is to be kept in glass bottles of 15mL in capacity with black stoppers. Liquid glows in the dark to a degree.
pH Level 7.4
Toxic? Yes
Description This liquid substance is somewhat colder than blood, though will work in the place of it. When injected into the body, it will quickly begin to destroy its dosage in blood, and will replace the destroyed blood cells in the blood stream, sometimes causing a serious immune system reaction. If ingested in too high of a dosage, this will cause the muscles to become rigid, and will soon disable the heart.
Observed Effects Aggression, convulsions, disorientation, fever, joint stiffness, paralysis, psychosis, heart murmurs, cardiac arrest, coma, death, loss of consciousness, immune system failure
Reacts rather negatively to Eclipse Poison, even when only in proximity of the substance.
Notable Users * Dr. Cheshire
* Camille Cheshire
* Oliver Roarke
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