Dr. Cheshire (Quotes)

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"I am still not sure exactly how it happened. How could I have made such a big mistake? [Eclipse Laboratories] had given me an injector, but had not told me how much of my creation was in it. Had I held the trigger for too long? Was it really all my fault?" - Memento Mori

"My name is Cheshire. Dr. M. Cheshire. If you are asking what my first name is, you are asking the wrong question." - Memento Mori

"I tried to stop [my father] when he got the rope, but I was too young. Too weak. The bastard left me behind, having been overwhelmed by his emotions. I cannot understand why anything could ever be that devastating." - Memento Mori

"Despite his powerful distrust and hatred for others, for one reason or another Mr. Roarke liked me. Dare I say he may have even loved me, for there were a few times when he seemed to try moving in for a kiss on my lips. Sadly, I was and am forever unable to return the sentiment, though I did very much care for him." - Memento Mori

"[Ms. Ibbott] had skin of porcelain and hair of spun gold, but her eyes were that of the Devil’s. I’m not sure if I didn’t notice the evil in her soul, or if I just chose to ignore it, but my heart skipped a beat when hers met mine." - Memento Mori

"[Ms. Ibbott's kiss] felt very wet and sounded ungraceful. I did not like it, even though I knew I should have. A first kiss is a kiss to cherish, but somehow I felt cheated." - Memento Mori

"My face was flushed, of that I was certain, and I felt like everyone who saw me knew I had been kissed, as if it was written across my forehead." - Memento Mori

"Since [Ms. Ibbott] kissed me, I had in my bosom an odd feeling. Or was it since Mr. Roarke had brushed his spindly fingers against my cheek? I wasn’t sure anymore, and I needed to be certain of what had caused the heavy eagerness in my heart." - Memento Mori

"I imagined myself close to Mr. Roarke again. The look in his eyes had been similar to the look Ms. Ibbott gave me before she kissed me, but it had possessed an odd tenderness. And how had I felt in that moment, staring into his eyes? What look had I been giving him? I tried to find the words to describe my feelings, but found none." - Memento Mori

"[…] being on a first name basis implies a level of intimacy that I’m not ready to share with you yet, Mr. Roarke." - Memento Mori

"Talk spreads fast, but Mr. Roarke had never been a very social person, which meant that he had not heard of my wedding-to-come with Ms. Ibbott. This was good for me, because it meant that he would not explode immediately upon seeing me. But it was also very bad for me, because it meant that I had to be the one to break the news to him." - Memento Mori

"I felt somewhat twisted, as I was helping a woman I had little to no respect for pull off a manipulative trick. I wanted to expose [Ms. Ibbott], but exposing her would harm me, as well." - Memento Mori

"Mr. Roarke did not dance with any lady at the ceremony. I can only imagine that he had been waiting for a dance with me." - Memento Mori

"According to the mayor’s letter, he had begun gathering the best scientists in towns near Catshill, and was trying to, for an undisclosed reason, find a way to create a serum of eternal life. You know, the usual thing mayors usually want to create while they are in office. Entirely disregarding the fact that my hometown’s mayor was quite clearly completely and utterly insane, I kept reading." - Memento Mori

"Camille was annoyed that I had made a decision without her opinion being considering, as she would much rather I stay at home to attempt to give her a child, but since I was the man in the house, she had relatively little say anyway." - Memento Mori

"Two and 1/4th petals [of Belsease] injected into my median cubital vein brought on a sharp pain and a wave of vertigo. The anxiety I felt probably did not provide any help, and I imagine that I was a panicking, gasping mess on the floor of my lab. However, the effects soon passed. I was still worried, but it seemed as though I would not suffer the same fate as the rats. I had no way, though, of telling whether or not my little stunt had made me immortal. I argued not." - Memento Mori

"Mrs. Cheshire, I’m not even sure I know how to describe what I feel for you, but I certainly would never have thought to call it love." - Memento Mori

"If I was to be honest, using myself as a test subject had at that point finally been taking a toll on me. My lips, once a lively pink-like colour, were now permanently paled. I looked very cold, though it was quite warm outside; my shivering did nothing to dismiss that idea. Cold sweats were common, and nausea was frequent, hand-in-hand with vertigo. My throat was hoarse, and to a degree, I was breathless. Even so, I still continued to persist with living as I always had." - Memento Mori

"I figured his concern had less to do with my state of disarray by the standards of the time; I had neglected to wear a hat, and I had not done my bowtie up properly. I had to presume that Mr. Roarke cared little for those things, since he often looked the same." - Memento Mori

"Oliver moved ever so slightly closer, treading with caution, as if he were a hunter and I was a frightful deer he wanted not to scare away. His hands tightened around my upper arms slowly, holding me in place against the wall in front of him. The dizzy feeling in my head vanished, and I was fixated only on what was currently happening." - Memento Mori

"My heart was pounding in my ears, and I am sure that my breathing had become heavier. I am unsure as to what exactly had been running through my head at that moment, but it must have been a complete split between fear and desire." - Memento Mori

"The deep well of love that I finally realized was just for [Oliver], that had dug itself deep into my heart since the first moment I saw him, would have to be covered up and filled with something else, for two men could not be together in that way without inciting heavy punishments." - Memento Mori

"I felt tears welling in my eyes, but I fought them off. I had sworn never to cry, and I was not about to go back on my word." - Memento Mori

"I was not the one doing the speech about how “amazing” [the Eclipse Potion] was. No, that was the mayor’s job. He also announced that it had a low cost, and anyone willing to pay could become immortal. Of course, the cost was not low. It was quite a lot, even for someone of middle class like my wife and I." - Memento Mori

"I sat on the floor in front of the door and shivered intensely, waiting for what was sure to be my end. I thought not of my wife, but of Oliver. I wondered if he was okay, and if he could ever find it in himself to forgive me." - Memento Mori

"I started to talk to myself. When I first began doing it, I thought nothing of it. I heard a voice in my head, my own voice, which would start conversations with me. It was only polite to reply. However, as I was having a hearty conversation with myself one day, it suddenly struck me like a brick wall; I was sitting in a dark room laughing at myself like a child with an imaginary friend. The voice in my head silenced itself as I quietly stared at the far wall. Was I going mad?" - Memento Mori

"I was stir crazy. I would run around the mansion cackling until I was exhausted, at which point I would engage in harmful pastimes including trying to bash my head through the bedroom wall and trying to see how hard I could break things. I eventually cut myself with a shard of glass from a vase, only to discover that I bled light blue, like Eclipse Potion. I was not sure if it was a hallucination or not, but I did not care. I ripped apart most of my books, hitting myself with them just to feel something. Soon I ripped all of the hair out of my scalp, clump by clump. The pile of thick, slightly-curly black hair amused me for a while. I tried to choke myself with the hair, but failed. Eventually it grew back, and I allowed it to grow back to the length it originally was. It grew past that and was incredibly unruly, but I cared not." - Memento Mori

"Common? Intimacy is common now? Oh, boy." - Memento Mori

"You're wearing the same attire that a stereotypical detective might wear, and the grim look on your face spells out a need for revenge. […] I'm good at finding people, and I'm told I'm remarkably good at solving puzzles that troubled people, criminals, make. You've heard, and you want me." - Justice in Unity

"Denial isn't healthy, sir. Your heart clearly skipped a beat when our eyes met." - Justice in Unity

"You're about to learn, Mr. Mortensen, and I, Dr. Cheshire, am never wrong." - Justice in Unity

"I thought you were a detective. Shouldn't you be able to solve your own cases?" - Justice in Unity

"Stuff my job. I'd much rather be a psychiatrist, anyway. Too many bad memories, working here…" - Justice in Unity

"[…] Why wouldn't I want to keep on working with you? It lets me see the barmy side of things." - Justice in Unity

"They've taken to calling it the Eclipse Genocide, haven't they? Because of the weapon being the fabled Eclipse Potion? How childish." - Justice in Unity

"I'm not giving up that easily, Patefield. All of this destruction… for what? Why are you doing this? What exactly do you hope to achieve with this madness?" - Justice in Unity, Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"IT'S TIME TO TEACH YOU A LESSON IN ETIQUETTE!" - Justice in Unity, Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"Either way we do this, we shall gamble. The only question at the end of the day is: do you want to be a bystander or one of the poker chips?" - Justice in Unity

"We've got a case here. Whether we like it or not, we have to work together. So can we put our differences aside for at least an hour?!" - Justice in Unity

"It's because you replaced your blood with Eclipse Poison… I suppose the Potion and the Poison don’t mix…" - Justice in Unity, Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"Eclipse Poison is missing one thing that Eclipse Potion had… Belsease. The plant's long since gone extinct; I believe it's what gave me eternal life." - Justice in Unity, Moonstricken: Eternal Descent

"That's cute, Southwell. Clearly you've taken classes in dramatics since last we met." - Justice in Unity, At Its Core

"Isn't it worth it to save Mortensen? He's suffering, Callahan, can't you see that? If we keep going with this case, he's going to snap like a twig." - Justice in Unity

"Look, I… I can't keep doing this to you anymore! I'm not at all who you think I am, Mortensen! You’re not safe with me…" - Justice in Unity

"And in the end, that's all I have… Memories. Memories of my failures. Memories of my successes. Memories of a stubborn, cynical French man who took me under his wing and gave me hot chocolate on cold days, even though I never even asked for his kindness. I'll never forget that… not for as long as I live." - Justice in Unity

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