Dr. Cheshire
dr-cheshire.png Dr. Mordecai Cheshire, M.D. (Japanese: モルデカイ・チェシャイヤー博士 Morudekai Cheshaiyā-hakushi) is a strange man who never appears to age, and who seems to have limited clairvoyant skills.
Dr. Cheshire
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Gender Male
Other Names Chesh (by Detective Mortensen)
Dr. Chester (alias)
チェッシュ (Chesshu; Japanese, 探偵モーテンセンを)
チェスター先生 (Chesutā-sensei; Japanese, 別名)
Race White
Nationality British
Birthdate January 9th, 1820 (♑)
Death Date ~December 2044 (aged 224)
Hair Color Smoky black
Smoky black (with a platinum blond streak) (2014 - 2022)
Platinum blond (2022-onwards)
Eye Color Lincoln green
Height 5'6" (1.69 m)
Weight 113 lbs (51.3 kg)
Approx. Measurements Chest: 33"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 35"
Wears Size XS/S clothing
Blood type Unknown
Birth place Catshill, United Kingdom
Death place Ambérieu-en-Bugey, France
Jung Personality Type INTJ
Alignment True Neutral
Sexual/Romantic Preference Asexual/Heteroromantic
Occupation * Scientist (January 1st, 1846 - July 1st, 1846)
* Actor (January 9th, 2014 - May 19th, 2014)
* Clairvoyant Consultant (2015 - January 9th, 2016)
* Doctor (March, 2018 - August 17th, 2019)
* Clairvoyant Consultant1 (August 17th, 2019 - December 1st, 2021)
* Psychiatrist/psychoanalyst (2023 - 2044)
* Clairvoyant Consultant2 (January 13th, 2035 - January 18th, 2035)
Family * Lorelle Cheshire (mother)
* George Cheshire (father)
* Dawn Blanchett (daughter's mother-in-law)
* Calvin Mortensen (daughter's father-in-law)
* Camille Cheshire (wife)
* Lenore Locklear (wife)
* Emilie Cheshire (daughter)
* Elliot Mortensen (son-in-law, housemate)
Likes * Mortensen's hot cocoa and baking
* Lettuce
* Cats
* Reading non-fiction
* Sunsets
* Winter
Dislikes * Being interrupted
* When someone tries to prove him wrong
Strengths * Finding out what approximately happened at a crime scene just by looking around (mild clairvoyance)
* Quick learner
Weaknesses * Very much out of the loop with everything
* Inability to fit in
* His arrogance
Skills * Clairvoyance (to a degree)
Love Interest(s) * Oliver Roarke (platonic)
* Elliot Mortensen (platonic)
* Lenore Locklear (non-platonic)
Affiliated with Eclipse Laboratories (January 1st, 1846 - July 1st, 1846)
Autumnwolf Film Productions (January 9th, 2014 - May 19th, 2014)
Michigan State Police (2015 - January 9th, 2016)
Police Nationale (January 8th, 2016 - January 9th, 2016 & August 17th, 2019 - December 1st, 2021)
New Jersey State Police (August 17th, 2019 - December 1st, 2021)
Black Canaries (January 13th, 2035 - January 18th, 2035)
Date created September 16th, 2014
Appearances Memento Mori
Eleven Effusions
At Its Core
Moonstricken: Eternal Descent (cameo)
Justice in Unity
Time/Divided (cameo)
Mini-Saga comics Cat Videos
Baked Beans
Voice provider J.P. Hagen (2015 - current)


Dr. Cheshire was born in the Victorian era. His mother died when he was nine, and his father commit suicide shortly after, so he was taken to an orphanage for a few years. When he was twenty six, he was offered a job as a chemist, and when he accepted, he was given the task of creating a potion of immortality. His finished creation, which he had been testing on himself in small doses, was sold to villagers as the Eclipse Potion. He was shocked when it killed everyone who ingested it, and discovered that he had been duped by his superior. He was trapped in his own mansion by the remaining villagers, where he remained until a group of people (known as Autumnwolf Film Productions) broke in and found him. To his surprise, they revealed to him that it was 2014.

Since then, the doctor has been struggling to fit in with modern society, though he is given favors occasionally by the CIA under the preface that he will allow them to use his blood — now a light blue color since it is not blood but actually Eclipse Potion — after he dies.


Outfit Reference (Justice in Unity)
Outfit Reference (Justice in Unity)

He has voluminous, lower-neck length, somewhat curly Smoky black hair that is usually parted to the right. In late 2014, he bleaches a platinum blond streak from the roots down his bangs. In early 2022, he bleaches it all platinum blond. On his jaw, he has a chin strap that rises up to under his lower lip. His eyebrows are gently rounded and typically look slightly aggressive. His skin is Almond-colored. His lips, usually chapped, are an icy shade of pink, with a thin upper and a somewhat thick lower, and he has dark rings under his vibrant Lincoln green eyes, which are large but have a natural squint to them. His cheekbones jut somewhat due to his gaunt cheeks. He is about 5'6" (1.69 m) and is around 113 lbs (51.3 kg). His upper body is moderately muscular despite his scrawny appearance.

Color Palette

Representative Color #8036CC
Hair, Facial #111 #E0DEC3 #191608
Skin, Lips, Dark Circles #F8E1D4 #F6D7DE #E2C9C6
(2035-onwards) Skin, Lips, Dark Circles #F9E7DC #F5D9DF #E1CBC8
Irises, Sclerae #005206 #F0F8F9
Eyes (Eclipsed) #84F4FF

He typically wears as much clothing as possible.

Common Attires

Victorian suit

  • Black top hat with dark red hat band.
  • White lab coat (only while inside Eclipse Laboratories).
  • Black buttoned-up suit jacket with a long panel dangling on the back down to knees.
  • White dress shirt.
  • Dark red bow-tie.
  • White gloves.
  • White trousers.
  • Black dress shoes with white spats.

Color Palette

Top hat #191919 #7A2228
Lab coat #E4EDEB
Suit jacket #191919 #5B5B5B
Bow tie #7A2228
Gloves #F7F7F7
Trousers #E5E5E5
Shoes #191919 #E8E8E8

Wedding suit

  • Black top hat with dark red hat band.
  • Claret red frock coat.
  • White waistcoat.
  • White dress shirt.
  • White gloves.
  • Lavender doeskin trousers.
  • Black dress shoes with white spats.

Color Palette

Top hat #191919 #7A2228
Frock coat #893C3C #3E3854
Waistcoat #EFEFEF #5B5B5B
Gloves #F7F7F7
Trousers #E2DCEF
Shoes #191919 #E8E8E8

Casual wear (Early to mid-2014)

  • Black sweater.
  • Lavender dress shirt.
  • Black gloves with thick horizontal white stripes.
  • Black jeans.
  • Black slip-on shoes with silver buttons.

Color Palette

Sweater #353535
Shirt #D3BEE4
Gloves #161616 #DBDBDB
Jeans #2D2D2D
Shoes #292727 #C6C6C6

Casual wear (Late 2014 - early 2022)

  • Black armwarmers.
  • Black army button coat with golden buttons and undone belt. The strap around his right wrist is buttoned down, but his left one lacks a button, since it fell off.
  • Blue-violet zip-up turtleneck sweater.
  • Black gloves with thick horizontal white stripes.
  • Dark blue jeans.
  • One white sock (right) and one black sock (left).
  • Black slip-on shoes with silver buttons.

Color Palette

Armwarmers #212121
Coat #1E1E1E #B2A603
Sweater #8036CC #3B1663
Gloves #161616 #DBDBDB
Jeans #211C55
Socks #DBDBDB #161616
Shoes #292727 #C6C6C6

Casual wear (Early 2022 - early 2040)

  • Silver key looped through a silver chain (worn under his clothes).
  • Black armwarmers.
  • Bone white coat.
  • Gray dress shirt.
  • Black gloves with thick horizontal white stripes.
  • Black jeans.
  • One white sock (right) and one black sock (left).
  • Black slip-on shoes with silver buttons.

Color Palette

Key necklace #E0E0E0
Armwarmers #212121
Coat #E5DDC7
Shirt #C7C7C4
Gloves #161616 #DBDBDB
Jeans #353535
Socks #DBDBDB #161616
Shoes #292727 #C6C6C6

Casual wear (Early 2040-onward)

  • Silver key looped through a silver chain (worn under clothes).
  • Black armwarmers.
  • Dark gray coat.
  • Lavender dress shirt.
  • Black gloves.
  • Gray jeans.
  • Black socks.
  • Black boots.

Color Palette

Key necklace #E0E0E0
Armwarmers #212121
Coat #2D2D2D
Shirt #D3BEE4
Gloves #151515
Jeans #555F69
Socks #161616
Shoes Black (#000)


Cheshire is an INTJ. He is typically quiet and reserved, but he will speak up if required. Though he tries to distance himself from feelings, it usually doesn't work, since he's got a soft heart. Mostly everything he does is done for rational reasons and with good intentions. He tries not to get too close to anyone in order to protect himself, as he feels he's a monster. But after meeting Detective Elliot Mortensen, he tries to open up more. Sometimes he can be quite arrogant, though he doesn't mean to be rude by any means. He really likes cats.


Cheshire is known for his clairvoyance, though he argues it is not such, but instead merely educated guesses. On nights of a lunar eclipse, he begins bleeding light blue from his nostrils, eyes, and mouth, and his eyes turn fully blue. In this state, he is aware of everything, but is livid, feral, and cannot help but act on violent impulses. He is afraid of himself while he is like this, and often does his best to keep this side of himself hidden.

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  • He is a light-sleeper.
  • His favorite color is purple, specifically indigo. His least favorite color is olive green.
  • His alignment is lawful neutral, though he is leaning toward lawful good.
  • He is very much fond of cats.
  • He talks to himself sometimes when he is alone.
  • He smells faintly of stale clothing.
  • His worst fear is that he'll bring physical harm to someone he cares deeply for, like Detective Mortensen.
  • He is agnostic, though his parents were both Christian.
  • He has a secret fascination of figuring out just how snails work for some reason.
  • When he's nervous, he tends to chew at his lower lip.
  • His favorite holiday is Christmas, simply due to how the Christmas lights on houses look at night.
  • He has a knack of languages and accents, but never uses this talent.
  • He looks remarkably similar to Detective Mortensen's wife
  • If exposed to Moonlight Elixer, he drops dead.[1] However, Eclipse Poison doesn't seem to affect him.
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