Don't Leave Me Here All Alone

Don't Leave Me Here All Alone is a story.

Don't Leave Me Here All Alone
The cover of the story.
Date started January 9th, 2017
Date first released January 9th, 2017
Date last updated March 6th, 2017
Date completed n/a
Rating Teen+
Chapters 2+
Word Count 4908+
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It's been three years since best friends Dr. Darcy Adair and Ansel Hunnisett went their separate ways. Since then, Ansel has got engaged, and Darcy has found himself a girlfriend of his own. Six months after not speaking at all, Darcy gets an unexpected call from his old friend, not knowing that this call signifies the beginning of a horrible series of events that will result in the massacre of those they love, and that within three days, his happy life will have turned completely upside down as the police close in and determine that they are the only possible suspects, despite their innocence. Is there any hope for them, considering no one would ever believe who the real culprit actually is?

Characters (in order of appearance)

Lieutenant Bryn Whittemore (First Appearance: Chapter 1)
darcy-adair.png Dr. Darcy Adair (First Appearance: Chapter 1)
Chloe Blum (First Appearance: Chapter 1)
ansel-hunnisett.png Ansel Hunnisett (First Appearance: Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

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  • Takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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