Darnell Price
darnell-price.png Darnell Price is the half-senile grandfather of Andrew Price.
Darnell Price
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Gender Male
Other Names ダルネール・プライス (Darunēru Puraisu; Japanese)
爺さん (Jii-san; Japanese, by アンドルー)
Birthdate July 3rd, 1945
Death Date 2044 (aged 99)
Hair Color Grey (Dark brown)
Eye Color Café noir brown
Height 5'9" (1.75 m)
Weight 127 lbs (57.6 kg)
Blood type Unknown
Occupation * Explorer (1958 - 1966)
Birth place Arlington Heights, Illinois
Death place Chicago, Illinois
Voice provider Brian Rozek (2016 - current)
Family * James Price (son)
* Sasha Cirquette (daughter-in-law)
* Andrew Price (grandson)
* Andy Cirquette (grandson)
Likes * Discovering things
Dislikes * Insensitive comments
Strengths * His stubborn determination
Weaknesses * Frail
* Easily distracted
Skills * Seeing through disguises/traps
Jung Personality Type ENFP
Love Interest(s) * tbe
Affiliated with n/a
Date created February 3rd, 2013
Appearances Time/Divided
Memento Mori


When Darnell was an explorer back in 1966, becoming rapidly more popular, he had always felt like his career was… lacking. Wanting to find something more - to discover something truly amazing - he caught wind of rumors about a mysterious, top-secret underground facility: The Underwater Railroad. Dedicated to his job and yearning to show everyone just how great of an explorer he was, he spent a week or two searching high and low for an entrance, and against the odds, did indeed manage to find one, though he did not know it at first. His discovery became more apparent to him once he began to notice he was being stalked like prey by a man dressed in a grey coat and hat: The Gray Man, who he eventually learned was sent as an assassin by The Underwater Railroad themselves to eliminate him. Despite a few brief scuffles with The Gray Man, Darnell opted to test his fate by entering the Railroad. He was met inside by the assassin, and the next thing he knew, he was tied to a gurney. After being forcibly lobotomized, Darnell, delirious and disoriented, was allowed to return home. He would have forgotten everything about The Underwater Railroad if not for the feeling in his gut that something was wrong, and a picture he had taken of the entrance he found. When he presented his evidence to his higher-ups, however, the confused state he was in combined with the vague nature of the photograph he presented caused them to laugh him off; it certainly didn't help that he no longer recalled where the entrance was, exactly. Darnell's long-built reputation crumbled beneath his feet, and he was banished from his profession. Since then, he's been trying to remember the exact details of everything that happened, as well as where to find The Underwater Railroad's entrance again, so that he can give them a piece of his mind… and not literally, this time.

At some point after this, Darnell had a son named James, who he ended up raising on his own. James ended up proposing to a woman named Sasha Cirquette, but after she gave birth to their two sons, they had a huge fight and the wedding was called off. Sasha took one of the kids for herself, but left the other with Darnell and James, demanding that the two kids never know of each other's existence. This child was named Andrew, and Darnell immediately felt protective of him. Things were going smooth for a little over a decade before Darnell finally felt that it was wrong to keep Andrew separated from his mother and twin brother any longer; he felt that it was cruel to keep Andrew in the dark about something this life-changing. James disagreed, and they got into an argument about it that led to James storming out and taking the car with him. A few hours later, the police came to report to Darnell that James had been presumed dead as the result of a car crash involving his car. With nothing left in his life but Andrew, who he feels blames him for his father's death, Darnell decided to keep the twin's existence secret, as James would've wanted it.


His gray hair is shoulder-length and is normally parted to the left. It was dark brown when he was younger. Since losing his job as an explorer in 1966, he's been maintaining a thick beard. He has café noir-colored eyes. He is about 5'9" (1.75 m) and is around 127 lbs (57.6 kg). When he was younger he was quite toned, but now his skin has that typical aged "sag" to it.

Color Palette

Representative Color #281F00
(Young) Hair, Eyebrows #302016 #150500
(Old) Hair, Eyebrows #A19595 #413535
Skin, Lips #E6D7B4 #D3BE9A
Irises, Sclerae #442F1A #F3EEEA

Common Attires

Explorer outfit

  • Bistre safari hat with darker hat band.
  • French Bistre coat (until 1966).
  • Gray waistcoat (until 1966).
  • Bistre dress shirt.
  • Pale vanilla-colored bag slung over shoulder (until 1966).
  • Licorice brown pants.
  • Black hiking boots.

Color Palette

Hat #281F00 #0C0300
Coat #816D47
Waistcoat #303030 #212121
Shirt #281F00
Bag #D8D1AC
Pants #1E1612
Boots Black (#000)


Darnell is a generally brave and good-natured man who loves his family members dearly. However, after being lobotomized, his personality went through some changes.
Prior to his lobotomy, he was brave and outgoing, if not a little bit cocky. He was typically serious and dedicated to his job, not allowing himself to be distracted easily, though he did have a great sense of humor.
After his lobotomy, he became a little bit looney. He seems senile at times, and is easily distracted. His memory is also somewhat poor.

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