Cochryn Alexander
cochryn-alexander.png Cochryn Percival Alexander is a sickly young boy and a target of The Underwater Railroad.
Cochryn Alexander
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Gender Male
Other Names Max Fletcher (alias)
コクリン・パーシヴァル・アレクサンダー (Cokurin Pāshivaru Arekusandā; Japanese)
マックス・フレッチャー (Makkusu Furecchā; Japanese, 別名)
Birthdate October 16th, 2027
Death Date Unknown [A]
October 14th, 2043 (aged 311) [B]
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Black olive
Height 5'4" (1.63 m)
Weight 94 lbs (42.6 kg)
Blood type O-
Occupation n/a [A]
* Gray Man (2058 - 2058) [B]
Birth place Chicago, Illinois
Death place Unknown [A]
Under Lake Michigan [B]
Voice provider oh-gee (2016 - current)
Jalin Gray (2017 - current)
Family * Cassie Mercier (mother)
* Quincey Alexander (father)
* Flynn D'Amore (family friend/guardian)
Likes * Order
* Seafood (particularly canned salmon/tuna)
* Yo-yos
Dislikes * Lies
* Being teased/mocked
Strengths * Following directions
Weaknesses * His sickness and frailty
* Mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
* A tad judgmental
* Can't take a joke
Skills * Solving puzzles
Jung Personality Type INTJ
Love Interest(s) Unknown
Affiliated with n/a [A]
The Underwater Railroad (2058 - 2058) [B]
Date created May 23rd, 20132
Appearances Time/Divided
Memento Mori
Themes Adel "Skull" Almas - Cochryn's Theme
ReMusic - Weirdo
ReMusic - United4Ever


Cochryn is a boy that's been ill most of his life. His father is an anti-vaxxer, and while it isn't necessarily the fault of not having vaccinations, it just so happens that Cochryn's immune system is terrible. He's always been sick and lonely. His mother was murdered when he was quite young, and though he doesn't know/remember most of the details, he does know that his father became overprotective right after that. As he's almost always sick and refuses to do anything that his peers consider "fun", he has a difficult time making friends. He doesn't trust people easily, and in fact hardly trusts his own father. Beyond this, his backstory is of no interest.


His ginger hair goes down to the nape of his neck and is messy. His eyes are a black olive color, and usually look sad. He has pasty skin. His nose is flushed. He is about 5'4" (1.63 m) and weighs around 94 lbs (42.6 kg). He is very scrawny.

Color Palette

Representative Color #8AD7E4
Hair, Eyebrows #AC6A1F #4E1E00
Skin, Nose, Lips #F3E7D9 #FADDD5 #F4DDD3
Irises, Sclerae #3A352F #F6F4F3

Common Attires

Casual outfit

  • Pale cyan overshirt, sleeves rolled up to just above elbows.
  • White t-shirt.
  • Burgundy fingerless-glove armwarmers with long vertical creases matching their length.
  • Black jeans.
  • Dark purple boots with darker soles.

Color Palette

Overshirt #8AD7E4
T-shirt #EFF4F7
Armwarmers #791C25 #73161E
Jeans #1B202A
Boots #332442 #0F011E


Despite his deep loneliness, Cochryn tries to keep a somewhat positive outlook on life. He tends to be somewhat judgmental, though he tries to hide it, and he becomes rather distressed when forced to/watching someone break any established rules. His lack of trust causes him many problems, as he never gets a chance to vent about his frustrations or concerns, too fearful that they will be used against him.

Important Dates (SPOILERS)

Characters Encountered


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  • His father is an anti-vaxxer. As such, Cochryn is not vaccinated for anything. However, his poor immune system is only slightly due to this.
  • His mother named him after a partner of hers, Agent Percy Arkwright.
  • His future self suggests that he, at some point, develops some sort of feelings for Andrew Price, but the exact nature of these feelings is unknown.
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