Character Themes

A list of all character themes. NOTE: These are all, obviously, unofficial. I'm too broke and uninspired to pay people to make custom, official themes. Also note that some are not in English, because I no longer care about keeping things in English.

dotpict_20160126_091505.png Officer Aaron Prichard

  • [x X]

dotpict_20160108_102437.png Lieutenant Abraham Caesar

dotpict_20160126_093339.png Ai Heng "Hearts" Xun

  • [x X]

dotpict_20160126_094247.png Station Detective-Inspector Alexander Nels

  • [x X]

dotpict_20160126_100856.png Alyssa "Coward" Ward

  • [x X]

dotpict_20160126_102206.png Camille "C.R.I.M.S.O.N." Cheshire

  • [x X]

Miss Carmilla Gentry

Carver "Forgotten" Young

Clement Abbott

Mr. Daniel Bennett

dotpict_20160107_200547_dark.png D.A.R.K.

  • [x X]

Dashiel "Spades" Vance

dotpict_20160107_222822.png Dr. Cheshire

Dustin Patefield

dotpict_20160107_200547.png Detective Elliot Mortensen

dotpict_20160127_095244.png Emilie Mortensen

  • [x X]

dotpict_20160108_100814.png Officer Feliz Florence

Felix Day/King Martel II

Flynn D'Amore

Station Detective-Sergeant Gilbert Pudget

Jack A. "Psycho" Coman

Jack Kingson

Agent Jessi Winther

Ludmila "Diamonds" Bogomolov

dotpict_20160108_104137.png Mattieu "Malachy" Delacroix

Mr. Maxwell Blumenthal

  • [x X]

Mike "Attention" McAtten

dotpict_20160108_110223.png Detective Miles Quinlan

Mr. Noël Ragsdale

dotpict_20160127_101638.png Peter Groves

  • [x X]

Rurik "Clubs" Kuznetsov

  • [x X]

Agent Russell Southwell

Samantha Martins/Queen Martel

Agent Terrence Lyndon

Tom Palumbo

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