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A list of all homosexual characters.

Homosexual Characters (Back to Root)

Aten Idris

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 29 Dec 2015 02:18

aten-idris.png Aten Habib Kamal Idris (Japanese: アテン・ハビブ・カマル・イドリス Aten Habibu Kamaru Idorisu) is a renowned criminal, and leader of a mafia.

Calix Martel

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 30 Oct 2015 13:00

calix-martel.png Calix Martel is the son of King Martel II, and eventual successor to the throne.

Cyr Sinnagra

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 20 Feb 2016 00:31

Cyr Sinnagra is a telepathic boy who can read minds, twin of Cal Sinnagra.

Dallas Calhoon

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 27 Aug 2015 02:13

dallas-calhoon.png Dr. Dallas Calhoon1 is a somewhat clumsy Southerner with various talents. He's fickle as hell with jobs, and often switches.

Daniel Bennett

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 11 Sep 2015 02:43

Prof. Daniel Bennett is a teacher of grade 11 and 12 chemistry, and the eventual head scientist of the American region of The Underwater Railroad.

Dashiel Vance

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 29 Aug 2015 23:29

dashiel-vance.png Dashiel Vance is a member of The Deck who is addicted to heroin and eventually Whisper Plant.

Feliz Florence

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 27 Aug 2015 01:58

feliz-florence.png Officer Feliz Florence is a Mexican odd-eyed cop working in North America. He's serious, but presents himself as a party animal.

Graham Fairchild

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 30 Oct 2015 12:36

graham-fairchild.png Graham Fairchild is the boyfriend of Dr. Dallas Calhoon.

Ludmila Bogomolov

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 29 Aug 2015 23:41

Ludmila Lёshaovna Bogomolov is a member and unspoken financial leader of The Deck, made famous by her risque modelling career.

Lyre Valenti

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 02 Sep 2015 20:17

Commendatore Lyre Valenti is a caring Italian Commendatore working for King Matthew Martel.

Max Aleshire

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 24 Apr 2017 02:56

Maxime Aleshire is a recluse who does digital art for a living.

Oliver Roarke

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 11 Apr 2016 17:38

Oliver Roarke is an unstable Victorian who has feelings for Dr. Cheshire.

Terrence Lyndon

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 31 Oct 2015 02:19

terrence-lyndon.png Field Agent Terrence Lyndon is a CIA agent assigned to work with Russell Southwell.
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