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A list of all bisexual characters.

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Annie Cuestro

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 29 Dec 2015 02:05

annie-cuestro.png Annie Cuestro is the psychotic, sociopathic wife of Paul Cuestro.

Cameron Fenn

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 24 Apr 2017 03:07

Cameron Fenn is an athletic writer who likes to meet new people.

Elliot Mortensen

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 25 Aug 2015 19:56

elliot-mortensen.png Detective Elliot Alain Mortensen (Japanese: 探偵エリオット・アラン・モーテンセン Tantei Eriotto Aran Mōtensen) is a French detective who puts up a cynical and pessimistic front at times to protect himself.

Jessi Winther

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 22 Jan 2016 21:01

Agent Jessabelle Winther is a an anti-CIA spy assigned to take down Agent Southwell.

Kendall Blumenthal

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 31 Oct 2015 02:06

Kendall Blumenthal is the wife of Maxwell Blumenthal.

King Martel

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 02 Sep 2015 20:27

This page is about the first King Martel. For King Martel II, see Felix Day. For King Martel III, see Calix Martel. For King Martel IV, see Alex Wells.
King Matthew Martel1 is a cruel, power-hungry Italian king.

Lenore Locklear

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 30 Oct 2015 12:26

Kayla Lenore Locklear is the independent daughter of Collin Locklear.

Lionel Patefield

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 31 Oct 2015 00:59

lionel-patefield.png Lionel Patefield1 is the estranged twin brother of Dustin Patefield, and also his backup Ruler Eternal.

Mattieu Delacroix

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 26 Aug 2015 06:05

mattieu-malachy-delacroix.png Mattieu Delacroix is a mysterious criminal known for stalking Detective Mortensen.

Maxwell Blumenthal

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 11 Sep 2015 02:53

Mr. Maxwell Blumenthal is a teacher of grade 9 and 10 science. Married to Kendall Blumenthal.

Mr. Doppell

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 12 Mar 2016 00:07

Mr. Doppell is an alien from another universe who wants to study humans and other life forms on Earth.

Paschal de Saint-Clair

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 26 Jul 2017 19:16

Paschal de Saint-Clair is a French thief who fled to and was captured in Devonshire County, UK.

Paul Cuestro

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 29 Dec 2015 01:59

paul-cuestro.png Paul Cuestro is a dense yet multi-skilled man.

Peter Groves

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 31 Oct 2015 01:29

Peter Conri Groves is the leader of an anti-government gang known as The Dominance Dogs.

Sherrie Lowe

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 31 Oct 2015 01:06

sherrie-lowe.png Sherrie Lowe is a flirtatious woman who loves to be the center of attention.

Silver Lowell

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 29 Dec 2015 01:25

silver-lowell.png Silver Lowell is a mysterious computer designer who doesn't talk often.

Videl Caro

by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 29 Dec 2015 02:13

videl-caro.png Videl María Mateo Santana y Caro is a renowned criminal.


by NoelleMcHenryNoelleMcHenry 14 Nov 2016 05:02

Xv. Yilhos is [tbe].

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