Cameron Fenn

Cameron Fenn is an athletic writer who likes to meet new people.

Cameron Fenn
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Gender Male
Other Names n/a
Race Biracial (Black, White)
Nationality American
Birthdate June 13th, 1992 (♊)
Death Date Undetermined
Hair Color Jet-black
Eye Color Dark brown
Height 6'1" (1.85 m)
Weight 180 lbs. (81.7 kg)
Blood type O-
Birth place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Death place Undetermined
Jung Personality Type ESTP
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Sexual/Romantic Preference Bisexual/Biromantic
Occupation * Writer
* Medical school student
Family * Unnamed mother
* Unnamed father
* Bashful Bunny (literary creation)
* Julian (boyfriend, tbe - tbe)
* August Lund (boyfriend (experimental), tbe - tbe)
* Terrence Lyndon (boyfriend, tbe - tbe)
* Max Aleshire (boyfriend, April 2017 - ?)
Likes * Murder
* Surprises
* John Conway's Doomsday rule
Dislikes * Lies
Strengths * Knowledge in medicine
* Athletic
* Charismatic
* Knows how to manipulate people
* Rich
Weaknesses * Not sure how to express his feelings
* Worried he might not actually have feelings
* Tendency to be narcissistic/cocky
* Has difficultly forming/sustaining emotional connections (is a psychopath)
Skills * Scripting/coding
* Writing
Love Interest(s) * Julian (non-platonic)
* August Lund (?)
* Terrence Lyndon (non-platonic)
* Max Aleshire (non-platonic)
Affiliated with n/a
Date created April 20th, 2017
Appearances Wine at 3 AM
Ignore the Camera
Our Sick Obsessions
Voice provider Mistletoe (2017 - current)


Cameron had a better-than-average childhood. Rich parents, rich house, rich school. Never bullied, attentive and loving family. But he always knew he was different. When he was given his first pet, a kitten he named Max, he pretended to care for it, but secretly abused it. Something about the rush of knowing that he had something lower than him at his own mercy was simply invigorating for him; addicting, even. One day, he drowned it in the nearby river and said it'd run away. From that day forward, Cameron knew he was strange, but it was laughably easy to play the good boy. First the cat, then his classmates. With the power and money his parents had, he could get away with anything …


He has short (mid-neck length) jet-black hair styled into a small quiff with spiky bangs. His eyes are dark brown. His skin is a dark shade of ecru with a faint red tint. He's about 6'1" (1.85 m) and weighs around 180 lbs. (81.7 kg). He's about as toned and muscular as the typical male model.

Common Attires

Casual outfit 1

Only worn in Pittsburgh and Boston.

  • Dark brown leather coat.
  • Grey tight-fitting t-shirt.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Black boots.

Formal outfit 1

Only worn in Pittsburgh.

  • Dark blue suit blazer (left open).
  • Blue necktie.
  • White dress shirt.
  • Dark brown leather belt with black buckle.
  • Dark blue dress pants.
  • Dark brown leather dress shoes.

Casual outfit 2

Only worn in Switzerland.

  • tbe

Formal outfit 2

Only worn in Switzerland.

  • tbe

Casual outfit 3

Only worn in Syracuse.

  • tbe

Formal outfit 3

Only worn in Syracuse.

  • tbe


Cameron's personality can be somewhat of an enigma at times, as it's hard to tell what kind of person he really is. He tends to act as a chameleon, imitating what he figures those around him would want him to be. This often leaves people thinking of him as a compassionate and wise young man, someone to confide in and go to for advice. But at his core, Cameron is narcissistic and twisted. He enjoys building people up to tear them down, and greatly enjoys the rush and risk of cold-blooded murder. Being a psychopath, he thinks highly of himself and will typically only keep people in his life (or otherwise alive) if they serve him some purpose or somehow manage to get on his good side.

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  • He is the creator of Bashful Bunny.
  • He went to university (Carnegie Mellon) and was dormmates with August Lund. After graduating, he moved on to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
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