Benedikt Wolff
benedikt-wolff.png Professor Benedikt Mefodiyovich Wolff is a Professor of Chemistry from Russia who works for Crimson Cove Laboratories.
Benedikt Wolff
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Gender Male
Other Names Benny (by Spades)
Бенедикт Мефодийович Вольфф (Benedikt Mefodiyovich Vol'ff; Russian)
Birthdate December 29th, 1990
Death Date November 1st, 2021 (aged 30)
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Dark Brown
Height 5'6" (1.68 m)
Weight 113 lbs (51 kg)
Occupation * Professor of Chemistry
Birth place Moscow, Russia
Death place Elizabeth, New Jersey
Voice provider Thomas Hufstetler (2015 - current)
Family * Dashiel "Spades" Vance (like a brother to him)
Likes * Being safe
Dislikes *
Strengths *
Weaknesses * Rather cowardly
* Somewhat naive at times
Skills *
Love Interest(s) * Dashiel "Spades" Vance (platonic)
* Dr. Linda Kyles (platonic)
Affiliated with The Deck
Crimson Cove Laboratories
Date created March 6th, 2015
Appearances The Communication of Dogs
Justice in Unity
Memento Mori (cameo)



He has auburn hair and dark brown eyes. He usually wears a long black coat with black pants and winter boots, or a white Crimson Cove lab coat with dark crimson gloves, off-white pants, and dark crimson dress shoes.


Benedikt does whatever he can to be safe, even if doing so makes him seem like a traitorous coward. He has a phobia of being in conflict, and when he is, he seeks safety immediately.

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"Stop struggling, Dashiel. You're more likely to get out of this sane if you don't resist us." - Justice in Unity


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