Belsease1 is a plant that went extinct in 1850 after the Eclipse Genocide. The plant was known for its ability to supposedly grant immortality, and its ability to both heal in smaller doses and kill in doses even slightly too high. It was rumored to be able to raise the dead, as well, though that wasn't tested until 2021.
The plant was used by Dr. M. Cheshire in 1846 to create Eclipse Potion.

Other names ベルシーズ (Berushīzu; Japanese)
Crimson Cove Sample # 831
Crimson Cove Staff in Charge Dr. J. Faucheux
Risk Codes R10, R25, R32, R33, R50/53, R57, R68/20/21/22
Safety Codes S1/2, S4, S13, S22, S45, S53, S61, S62
Hazard Codes H228, H303, H333, H336, H372
Precautionary Codes P102, P201, P261, P273, P301+312, P304+340, P333+313
Appearance Plant. Long deep green (dark spring green) stem with pale blue (alice blue) bell-shaped flowers.
Toxic? Yes
Description x
Observed Effects Re-animation of recently deceased, immortality, panic, hysteria, organ failure, tissue failure
Notable Users * King Matthew Martel
* Comm. Lyre Valenti
* Prince Lyre Martel
* Dr. Cheshire (as Eclipse Potion)
* Camille Cheshire (as Eclipse Potion)
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