Bad With Names

Bad With Names is a short story.

Bad With Names
The cover of the story.
Date started November 5th, 2016
Date first released November 6th, 2016
Date completed November 6th, 20161
Rating Explicit
Chapters 1
Word Count 2177
Grade Level ~Grade 6
EPUB/PDF Download Unavailable
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Terrence Lyndon tries to remember his forgotten lost lover by getting himself a few replacements. However, he just can't seem to remember any of their names.

Characters (in order of appearance)

terrence-lyndon.png Field Agent Terrence Lyndon
Tylor Sherman
russell-southwell.png Russell Southwell (cameo)


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Concept Arts


  • Takes place in (or near?) Chicago, Illinois.
  • The story follows Terrence and Tylor's exit from a party held by the latter, referenced in Chapter 3 of The Downward Spiral of Adam Keir.
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