At Its Core

At Its Core is a story.

At Its Core
The cover for the story.
Date started April 17th, 2016
Date first released April 17th, 2016
Last updated April 9th, 2017
Date completed n/a
Rating Teen+
Chapters 2+
Word Count 5684+
EPUB/PDF Download Unavailable
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Russell Southwell was an average high school student with dreams of becoming a cartoonist, but his life changed almost entirely after he unknowingly completed a recruitment process for the CIA. With a partner, he must use his advanced hacking techniques to help protect his country, but when things start to become dangerous, will he be able to keep himself and those he loves safe?

Characters (in order of appearance)

russell-southwell.png Agent Russell Southwell
feliz-florence.png Officer Feliz Florence
terrence-lyndon.png Field Agent Terrence Lyndon
collin-locklear.png Collin Locklear
apryl-knowlton.png Apryl Knowlton
Joseph Southwell
Agent Jessi Winther
Lizabeth Jasper (cameo)
Roger Jasper (cameo)
Kurtis Abel (cameo)
dr-cheshire.png Dr. Cheshire
simon-callahan.png Inspector General Simon Callahan
frank-callahan.png Inspector General Frank Callahan (cameo)
elliot-mortensen.png Detective Elliot Mortensen
dallas-calhoon.png Dr. Dallas Calhoon
dark.png D.A.R.K. (cameo)


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