Alexander Nels (Quotes)

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Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"I sentenced an innocent boy to his death. I can't believe they had the gall to keep me on the force, never mind promote me. What did I do to deserve a promotion? Commit murder?" - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"Don't apologize, Miss Gentry. I may have no idea what you're going through right now, but I know it must be tough. I promise you, I will do anything I can to help track down your son." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"No criminal's entirely perfect, Detective-Sergeant." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"Because he does want to be caught. He wants the glory. He just didn't want it to be too obvious." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"Look, sir. Honestly, I know you're lying. There's no way you don't know Mr. Heathrow. In fact, because you're lying to me, I can't help but assume he's in this very bar." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"You wouldn't hit a guy half your size with low-blood sugar who hasn't eaten in well over a few hours, would you?" - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"I don't think Mr. Heathrow panicked, Pudget. I think he just hated my face and wanted it out of his." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"Our tastes are so different, aren't they? You can't understand why I like my drinks sweet enough to rot my teeth just by inhaling the air around them, and I can't understand why you like your drinks bitter enough to kill a cat." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"She came to us and practically begged for help. I felt inclined to help her, seeing as that is my job." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"Behave? Me? Why, Commissioner Compton, I would never!" - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"He has the nerve to scold me for trying to help someone in need after I just killed a boy? God forbid I try to make things right." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"I hate the name Alex. Why do you think I introduce myself as Alexander?" - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

"I must warn you, Miss Gentry, not to bait me like this. For I am a man, and if I were to desire something, I fear I may stop at absolutely nothing short of manslaughter to get it." - Tomorrow's Fatal Flaw

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