Ai-Heng Xun
ai-heng-xun.png Ai-Heng Xun is a member of The Deck known for her positivity and friendliness.
Ai-Heng Xun
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Gender Female
Other Names Hearts (Deck codename)
Аи-Хенг Хун (Ai-Kheng Khun; Russian)
Червы (Chervy; Russian)
迅爱恒 (Xùn Ài-Héng; Chinese)
Race Asian
Nationality Chinese
Birthdate February 3rd, 2000 (♒)
Death Date December 25th, 2021 (aged 21)
Hair Color Hot pink (dyed, naturally dark brown)
Eye Color Yellow (contact lenses, naturally black)
Height 5'0" (1.52 m)
Weight 93 lbs (42 kg)
Blood type AB-
Birth place Chengdu, China
Death place Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Jung Personality Type ESFP
Alignment Neutral Good
Sexual/Romantic Pref. Asexual/Homoromantic
Voice provider n/a
Occupation * Deck member (2018 - December 25th, 2021)
Family * Ludmila Bogomolov (like a sister)
* Rurik Kuznetsov (like a brother)
* Dashiel Vance (like a brother)
Likes * Celebrations
* Being around friends
Dislikes * People who cause conflicts
Strengths * Optimistic
* Agile
Weaknesses * Naive
Skills * Well-rounded in combat (though not very powerful …)
* Great at acrobatics and parkour
Love Interest(s) n/a
Affiliated with The Deck
Date created January 14th, 2015
Appearances The Communication of Dogs




Outfit Reference
Outfit Reference

She has pink hair in pigtails that's parted to her right.

Common Attires

Casual outfit

  • Light pink puffer coat (mid-waist length).
  • Dark blue athletic boxer bodysuit.
  • Dark blue fingerless gloves.
  • Black boots with white fur-covered calves.


Ai-Heng is optimistic and innocent, but often somewhat naive. She believes there's good in everyone, but that won't stop her from defending herself in a fight.

Important Dates (SPOILERS)

Characters Encountered

Ludmila Bogomolov

Calls by pet/nicknames: Diamonds
Finds attractive: Yes
First met: 2018

Rurik Kuznetsov

Calls by pet/nicknames: Clubs
Finds attractive: No
First met: 2018

dashiel-vance.png Dashiel Vance

Calls by pet/nicknames: Spades
Finds attractive: No
First met: 2018

Ai-Heng likes Dashiel. They work together somewhat well. She only wishes he'd be less serious.

benedikt-wolff.png Benedikt Wolff

Calls by pet/nicknames: n/a
Finds attractive: No
First met: 2018

Despite the way he left The Deck behind, Ai-Heng still likes Benedikt. She doesn't want any harm to come to him, and often worries if he's okay.


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