Adam Keir

Adam Keir is an animator who makes surreal videos.

Adam Keir
Toyhouse profile
Gender Male
Other Names n/a
Race White
Nationality American
Birthdate October 31st, 1982 (♏)
Death Date Undetermined
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Hazel
Height 5'8" (1.73 m)
Weight tbe lbs (tbe kg)
Blood type A+
Birth place Chicago, Illinois
Death place Undetermined
Jung personality type tbe
Alignment True Neutral
Sexual/Romantic Pref. Heterosexual/Aromantic
Voice provider n/a
Occupation * Surreal video animator
* Worker at a pawn shop
Family * Unnamed mother
* Unnamed sister
* Larisa Keir (wife)
Likes * tbe
Dislikes * Second-hand embarrassment
Strengths * Realistic
Weaknesses * Has a hard time lying
* Easily drawn into his own imagination
* Socially awkward
Skills * Good at art and animation
Love Interest(s) * Larisa Keir (non-platonic)
* Evangeline Thompson (non-platonic)
Affiliated with Waller's Pawn Shop
Date created August 1st, 2017
Appearances The Downward Spiral of Adam Keir


Adam was always the quiet kid in school. The only person he ever really talked to was his best friend, Jesse. He realized he had a knack for surreal/disturbing content at around the age of 17, but didn't start actively posting any of it online (or anywhere else) until he was 32. By that time, he was working a side-job with Jesse at the pawn shop his father owned, and had been married to his wife, Larisa, for two years. In August of 2017, he suddenly found himself plagued by artist's block, and could no longer make videos, though he hoped it would pass before September. It didn't.



Common Attires

Casual outfit

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Adam is serious, aloof, and realistic. He doesn't really show too much emotion unless it's extreme. He's soft-spoken and generally a good person, but he's socially awkward and has no grace or tact. Lying, even for the benefit of others, is nearly impossible for him. Though he is heterosexual, he's not a very intimate nor romantic man due to his aforementioned social awkwardness.

Important Dates (SPOILERS)

Characters Encountered

Jesse Waller

Calls by pet/nicknames: Jess
Finds attractive: No
First met: ~1991

Dr. Frost

Calls by pet/nicknames: n/a
Finds attractive: No
First met: November 1st, 1994

Dana Frost

Calls by pet/nicknames: n/a
Finds attractive: Yes
First met: November, 1994

Larisa Keir

Calls by pet/nicknames: n/a
Finds attractive: Yes
First met: 1997

Evangeline Thompson

Calls by pet/nicknames: Eve
Finds attractive: Yes
First met: October 14th, 2017


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